There’s even less Christmas cheer in this collection of Instagram videos from December than there was in our monthly Vine round-up.

In fact there’s only one festive themed example here, with New Year’s Eve providing much more inspiration.

Nonetheless there’s plenty of creativity on offer…


Happy New Year from Coca-Cola. A brand suggesting you drink its product at midnight rather than desperately scratching around your neighbour’s recycling bin looking for some remnants of Prosecco.


Happy New Year from Oreo. A brand suggesting you eat its cookie balls at midnight rather than 17 mini quiches and a cold slice of Hawaiian pizza with a cigarette stubbed out on it.

Virgin America

Happy New Year from Virgin America. A brand suggesting you spend midnight on an airplane rather than watching Jools Holland at your aunty’s house which smells of dog.

I had a great New Year, why do you ask?


Santa’s reaction to the elf eating his cookies is worryingly jolly, to the point where you think something nasty will happen off camera.

Or maybe I’ve watched too many gangster films.

General Electric

GE has begun using a voiceover artist whose voice can only be described as ‘powerfully authoritative and takes his own damn time with it’.


If GoPro has done nothing else, it’s perfected instilling an audience reaction of “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU CRAZY?”


MINI seems to be slicking up its social video operation, which is a shame as I quite liked its funnier stuff.

Maybe MINI has only just watched Drive and is now getting Gosling obsessed. The next stage is buying a bomber jacket with a scorpion on it.

Red Bull

The extreme sports pioneer that also has a sideline in energy drinks has chosen this holiday season to publicise its exclusive premiere of Skrillex’s new video.

Which is why it sounds like you’re listening to a sack of Jack Russell terriers being thrown from a plane. (Joke courtesy of a friend).

Beavertown Brewery

The London based brewery shows you how beer is put in a can. There’s also a fire safety training video elsewhere on the channel that is much less sensible.

Samsung Mobile

Samsung pushes us another step closer to making The Lawnmower Man a reality. Then with any luck Tron.

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