To be fair, even ironing looks extreme if you film it with a GoPro. But this adrenaline-fuelled compilation of people ‘pushing the boundaries’ and that sort of thing is definitely worth a watch.

I particularly like the way each of the clips transitions perfectly into the next, proof that good editing is vitally important when it comes to creating excitement in only a few seconds of film. 

GoPro instagram


This is only a short clip from MTV but it did make me chuckle, so it makes the monthly roundup for that reason alone. 

It’s also a great example of hashtag hijacking, getting on board the #NationalDanceDay trend.

MTV instagram


This clip of an athlete running up the stairs of a stadium is a really good example of how loops can be used creatively on Instagram.

As a result of the athlete’s earth-shattering (and presumably Nike-enabled) speed, it supposedly looks like the stairs are actually an escalator. Either way it’s a decent looking clip. 

Nike instagram


Redbull, like GoPro, regularly fills its Instagram feed with people partaking in the kind of activities that would terrify most ordinary people. 

Whether you’re into extreme sports or not, these super-slow motion clips of a dirt bike getting almost horizontal to the ground are ridiculously satisfying to watch. 

Redbull instagram


Vans uses a brilliant combination of live film and animation to create this colourful clip.

Vans instagram


Perhaps I’ve missed something here or I’m just a culturally vacant know-nothing, but I can’t work out what this clip is supposed to represent.

I can only assume it refers to a potential post-apocalyptic world in which Colonel Sanders survives by arming himself to the teeth with sharpened chicken bones and making armour out of old forgotten bargain buckets. 

Care to correct me, KFC?

KFC instagram

Coca Cola

Coca Cola has gone for simplicity here in an animation that reflects the red and white design of its original labels.

It’s also another great example of hashtag hijacking.

Coca Cola instagram


Lego has a history of brilliant Instagram videos, and this one is no exception. 

Made from no fewer than 82,944 bricks, this spinning mosaic transforms superheroes into Lego versions of themselves. What’s not to like?

Lego instagram

Mercedes Benz

This video from Mercedes Benz shows off some of the tech on its future E-Class models. 

The clip works well because it shows just enough to get people excited without giving too much away. 

Mercedes Benz instagram

Old Spice

You can’t help but love the Old Spice guy, particularly when different parts of his torso open up like trapdoors to reveal a variety of interesting locations. 

It doesn’t really make any sense, but I’m not sure it’s supposed to.

Old Spice instagram

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