Say Happy Father’s Day by murdering your evil master in order to save your whiny, womp rat of a son.

General Electric

This is a nicely created photo montage of mechanical engineer Eric King soundtracked by his own short interview. However it is largely impossible to resist singing “he likes big engines and he cannot lie” as soon as the video starts.


Experience what it’s like to be the pole! 

Get locked in a dark equipment cupboard for nine months, come out for a brief period of sunshine, enjoy the few seconds of exhilaration on your way to the jump, then never actually make it all the way over and fall back on your arse.


In all fairness it is difficult to dance to Belle and Sebastian.


All best friends have a secret handshake. This one can only end in a pants-ruining explosion of fizzy liquid.


I would explain what’s going on here, but I feel it’s best if you just click through. It’s something to do with solar flares I think.

Marks and Spencer

So if Colin the Caterpillar lives on a diet of sweets and he is in fact made of sweets, does that mean that… I’m not going to finish this train of thought.


Iggy Pop offers studio advice for younger musicians. At no point is there a warning to say “do not ever do what Iggy Pop has done to himself, he is immortal, any mortal-beings following his path would be dead six times over.” That is a bit lengthy I suppose, it is only 15 seconds long.

Red Bull

He must be coded with the same DNA that Ellen Ripley was in Alien Res… Hmmm… I may have revealed too much about myself there.


Inside the mouth of a four-year old?

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