I haven’t written an introduction to our weekly round-up for a few weeks now, mainly due to holiday and our departing Head of Social wrestling control off me to say goodbye last week, so I’ve forgotten the winning formula that normally makes these opening paragraphs so captivating.

Did I come out guns blazing with insightful marketing advice and game-changing stats?

Hmmm… that doesn’t sound quite right.

Did I offer stellar best practice advice on a range of ecommerce tools and features? That doesn’t sound quite right either?

Did I offer ground-breaking opinions on a range of hot-topic trends in need of an iconoclastic takedown? I think you and I both know that this is unlikely.

Oh wait, I remember now… I probably just linked to a Gif of a hot-dog train and said something deeply sarcastic. 

Ah, the magic is back.

The Barenaked Ladies’ ‘One Week’ is all about murder

“I’m the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral. Can’t understand what I mean? Well, you soon will” is threatening enough, but Redditor Euchris_Eucrow has constructed an entire theory based on the infuriating and inexplicable 90s hit which seems to suggest things are far more sinister…

Click below for the evidence:

What is Beyonce’s favourite Instagram filter?

In a missed cross-over opportunity with our weekly stats round-up, here’s Noisey’s infographic on the Instagram filter usage of the stars.

To answer the original question: it’s Valencia. Although Queen Bey only uses a filter 25% of the time, which is a lesson for us all.

Star Wars: 80s anime style

Quick before it’s taken down, watch this spectacular Star Wars homage to Macross, replete with hand-drawn animation, crash-zooms, neon lasers and wicked electric guitar solos.

The average face of rock

The West Coast Shaving company has too much time on their hands and created this super-weird face-morph project, taking 30 bands and melding their faces together to make one single hard-rocking chimera. The results….

AC/DC: as expected.

Nirvana: surprisingly pretty.


It says ‘The Bart, The’ 

My favourite thing on the internet this week is easily this Instagram account featuring the very best (or very worst if you have to live with it or near it) Simpsons tattoos.

Check out Moe… He’s got the stink lines and everything.

Post-Punk Heroes

Two of my favorite things come together in this glorious mash-up of pop-punk musicians and Marvel superheroes, courtesy of Butcher Billy

Because it’s a slow week

Here’s some Avengers footage repurposed for the Friends opening credits. You get the idea.

So close 

This dog is super-bad at catching food. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to eat. The slow motion and electro soundtrack almost make it too cruel. It’s not though. It’s still funny.

First and Final Frames

This super cut plays the opening and closing shots of 55 films side-by-side. It’s a fascinating glimpse at the work that directors and editors put into tieing up the thematic elements of a film in a visual manner. Or something less poncey. 

All rise for our national anthem

And just in case you’re feeling a little less than empowered this morning. Here’s the theme to dreadful* 80s WWF film No Holds Barred, for no other reason than because I heard it this week and thought it was hilarious.

*I’m just saying that to be cool. It’s obviously not dreadful, it’s brilliant.