Disclaimer: I hate infographics!

If not the medium, the execution is so often poor, as is the chosen subject. But I feel differently when it comes to brands. I’m interested in learning about brands and their activity.

So, I’ve collected 10 stellar infographics here for your viewing pleasure. They’re not all by brands themselves, but all include brands and their footprints.

They range from the mind-blowingly expansive (see the brands that own the brands) to the fruity and fun (see the Die Hard promotion).

Just click on each stub to enjoy the full infographic. Happy stat attack!

The brands that own the brands

Who owns what in the world of FMCG, it’s all handily laid out here for you.

Don’t get lost in conspiracy theorising, will you?

Best car brands on social media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: how do the big car brands fare?

(From Secretkey.it and Reputationradar.it)

Top five influential brands of 2013

Using the Brandz research poll of over 200 million consumers from 43 countries, infographdesign.com has compiled this handy chart. It shows what makes for the top five most influential brands in the world.

LinkedIn: Ten years of building relationships with professionals

From May 2013, a nice graphic in celebration of LinkedIn’s ten-up.

Media consolidation

Again, conspiracist, take it easy when you view this infographic. How has media streamlined into the mitts of just six media giants?

(via Frugal Dad)

The evolution of Samsung

Samsung is one of those brand giants. How has it evolved in the face of tech that seems to improve exponentially? 

(Made by FreshEgg)

The impact of Twitter on brands

Here’s a tasty little summary of a few Twitter campaigns that did remarkably well for engagement.

See how Virgin, Porsche, LG and more have succeeded with social.

(via wishpond)

Die Hard

A bit of fun, but also some seriously good marketing for A Good Day to Die Hard.

Apart from getting ever more jaded (that’s not controversial, right?), how have Bruce Willis and John McClane evolved?

Brands on Vine

Hard to believe that Vine started only in January 2013, such a success it’s been.

Which brands have embraced it and how have they demonstrated best practice?

(via the7thchamber.com)

Jay-Z brand drops

Perhaps not useful, unless you want to see how the taste of a vastly successful rapper changes over time.

See which brands have featured in Jay-Z’s tracks over the years.

(via VF.com)