Twitter is entertainment, so it goes without saying that a humorous Twitter account is going to get followers, reach and engagement.

Here are some of the brands that have decided to navigate (or not) the governance needed to keep a funny and risqué Twitter account in check.

Although these companies are often in industries where rules of taste are fairly relaxed, all have done well in using belly laughs or sass to their benefit.

Waterstones Oxford Street

There are several things nice about this account. It’s run by one of the store’s booksellers, not outsourced to an agency, as a lot of big, funny, branded Twitter accounts are. 

It also ignores the rules about acceptable numbers of tweets per hour, and fills feeds with ‘long’, involved and entirely fanciful stories about the secret lives of books. 


Although abstruse, there’s a often a laugh, or a nod and a wink. Occasional interaction with fans.

Taco Bell

More sass than humour. Tons of audience interaction. Happy to take risks. Lots of other activity around products, competitions etc.


Doesn’t tweet every day but has a nice mix of sass and wit. 


Sass again and frequent, very smart interaction.

Coca Cola (Doc Pemberton)

The founder of Coca Cola, bringing 19th century style to a humorous Twitter account.

The Dolphin Pub and Mangal 2 restaurant

I’m including these two together as small London businesses using Twitter to increase awareness. As they are aimed at a local audience, to some extent a knowledge of British pop culture and the London area helps.

Knowledge of their target audience (young beer drinkers and kebab eaters means they don’t have to mind their tongues).

The Mangal tweet was sent after Arsenal beat Tottenham in the North London soccer derby.



Paddy Power

A hugely successful account because of topical flights of fancy such as the following tweet. An almost exclusively jokey and irreverent account.


Not to be outdone by Paddy Power. Probably the most abstruse account of any brand. Often sublime.