In fact, 86% of 16-25 year olds are said to be more likely to use Tumblr due to it being a ‘positive space’.

This statistic was the motivation behind a recent campaign by Boots.

Using the platform to champion messages of body confidence and self-esteem, it’s just one example of a brand using Tumblr to target and inspire a young audience.

Here’s a closer look at how Boots and many other brands are using the platform in an empowering way.


Designed to cement itself as the ‘Feel Good Specialist’, Boots recently used Tumblr to promote messages of confidence and self-esteem.

Including make-up tips, inspiring quotes as well as a Q&A with child psychologist Tanya Byron – it provoked a hugely positive response from its target audience.

As well as garnering 10m impressions, 68% of 16-19 year olds commented that the content ‘exceeded their expectations’.

(You can read more about Boots’ digital transformation journey in this post).


Last year, Clinique created a dedicated Tumblr account for its #faceforward campaign.

Featuring a video series of six young women from varying industries, such as fashion and the charity sector, its aim was to boost awareness of the brand among young women.

With Tumblr often seen as a place for creative expression, the themes relating to careers and ambition suited the platform perfectly.

Clinique’s main Tumblr account, while slightly less inspirational, also includes content based around female empowerment.


Nationwide’s recently used Tumblr for more of an educational purpose.

Recognising the fact that millennials lack online resources to help them with money worries, it set up its Money Stuff campaign – a dedicated hub of information related to the subject.

Full of bold imagery and easy-to-digest advice – you can read more about Nationwide’s campaign here.


Totino’s, a US frozen pizza brand, promotes its distinct identity through its Tumblr account – or ‘official guide to couching hard’, as it says.

While phrases like this come off as a bit too try-hard, its self-depracating and silly tone makes up for it.

Visual and bitesize – its style of content is also suited to the the short attention spans of young social media users.


Nescafe moved its entire online presence to Tumblr in 2015, aiming to connect and engage with younger consumers.

It mainly does this through user generated content, reposting tweets and photos from Nescafe drinkers all over the world.

As well as this, Nescafe has reported Tumblr success from its prominent ‘buy now’ buttons, redirecting users to third-party retailers selling the product.

Nike Women

Nike is well-known for its empowering content.

Its Nike Women Tumblr account is no exception, but with an undeniably younger audience, it uses more graphic imagery and youth-inspired fashion.

I particularly like the inspiring illustrations. It’s also not something I’ve seen elsewhere from Nike, which gives greater value to those who follow the brand on Tumblr.

Taco Bell

How much mileage can you get out of tacos, you might wonder?

Suprisingly quite a lot, as shown by Taco Bell’s Tumblr account.

It’s full of ridiculous but highly amusing GIFs and graphics, and with an unashamed appreciation of the famous food stuff, it’s a refreshing world away from the ‘clean eating’ craze of Instagram.

Teen Vogue

With its minimal design and sleek layout, TeenVogue’s Tumblr is definitely cool.

It’s also very inspiring and empowering, including a number of videos relating to body confidence and self esteem.

This simple but effective post is just one example of how it uses Tumblr to target young girls about important matters.


While rival shoe brand Converse also deserves a mention for its creative and cool Tumblr, Vans edges it for being a bit more accessible and appealing to younger kids.

Collating content from its various Tumblr accounts (such as Vans Music and Vans Girls), it nicely brings together the brand’s identity of authenticity and self expression.


Lastly, MTV uses Tumblr for all fits and purposes.

From motivational quotes to amusing graphics, it uses the platform to tap into its young but still quite diverse audience.

Considering that MTV’s user-base could range from Little Mix fans to Kanye West enthusiasts, its clever pop culture references cover all bases.