Google’s keyword data apocalypse: the experts’ view

The experts give us their opinions on the seemingly inevitable rubbing out of organic search referral data from Google Analytics.


Google’s new hummingbird search algorithm: the experts’ view

Google has overhauled it’s algorithm and nobody sussed anything was afoot. The new Hummingbird algorithm primarily improves results for longer ‘conversational’ search phrases. Take a look at our expert roundup.

Infinite scroll

Its impact on SEO, and how to fix it 

Andreas Pouros lets us know how to mark up our pages so that infinite scroll won’t flummox a Google bot and cut out valuable content from the SERPS.


10 inspiring uses of mobile in retail

Walmart, B&Q, Target and many more big hitters are getting ahead with mobile. See what they’re up to.


Which metrics should publishers be using in Google Analytics?

What metrics does Econsultancy look at, and what should you be looking at? Graham Charlton flexes his analytical muscles here.

How O2 uses advanced analytics for customer retention

And here’s a post that looks under the hood of O2’s database.

Big data

Why big data is a big load of baloney

The ever controversial Parry Malm, giving us a veinful of ire. Don’t worry, he followed it up with ‘Three reasons why big data is awesome’.

Bob Fear of Virgin on creating engaging content using big data

Bob’s talking at the Festival of Marketing. Here’s an insight as to what you might get if you attend. 

Organisational change

What does a perfect agile marketing strategy look like?

…and the fun stuff


Six creative examples of product videos to inspire your own efforts

Eye candy

Mobile apps are now more colourful and fun to use. Take a look at Chris Lake’s roundup of great design on mobile.


10 branded Twitter accounts that raise a laugh