We’re on the cusp of Christmas, people. But before many of us dive head-first into our sofas and stay there… why not indulge in some final festive stats?

Think of it as the ultimate gift, from me to you.

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Second week in December generates more conversions for online retailers

New data from Qubit has revealed the trends impacting online retail this Christmas.

From analysis of 74m visits to 120 UK and US online retailers, it found that the third and fourth of December was the most popular Christmas shopping weekend for consumers to visit online retailers.

However, the 10th and 11th of December was more successful overall, with online retailers converting a smaller number of consumers for slightly higher levels of revenue. Despite there being 5.51% fewer visitors than the previous weekend, conversion rates were 10.36% higher, with 0.92% more revenue generated.

Half of UK Christmas shoppers looking for last-minute bargains

According to recent research by SAS, nearly half of British consumers joining the Christmas shopping rush this week will be holding out for bargains.

Despite the biggest discounting weekend of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, already being behind us, nearly a quarter of UK consumers will be leaving it until the last week before Christmas to buy gifts.

What’s more, with 46% of shoppers citing the economy as having the biggest impact on how they will shop for gifts this year, nearly half will be on the look-out for last minute bargains.

The impact of ‘Smart Christmas’ for marketers

Based on this year’s Black Friday sales, the Chartered Institute of Marketing has predicted that smart devices – e.g. health devices and virtual reality – will be the top selling gifts this Christmas.

However, it has also indicated that while this presents opportunity for marketers in 2017 – it could also pose problems.

When it comes to health devices, the CIM suggest that brands need to be wary of data handling, as 57% of consumers do not trust organisations to use their data responsibly.

Similarly, despite the growing popularity of virtual reality – and the Oculus headset set to be a popular gifting option – marketers need to consider whether or not virtual reality is truly an appropriate way to engage customers, or whether they are just jumping on the bandwagon.

Nearly a third of influencers regularly promote charities

According to new data from Buzzoole, social media influencers are challenging the perception of younger generations by regularly supporting charities.

It found that 28% of social media influencers regularly support charities on their channels, with 74% saying that raising awareness of the causes they care about was a key priority for them. Likewise, 87% said sharing their own personal experiences is important, while 61% agreed that helping people is a big factor in what they do.

Children’s and cancer charities are the most popular charities to talk about, with 19% and 21% of influencers citing these respectively.

Period between Christmas and New Year predicted for peer-to-peer shopping surge

Unwanted gifts are set to power a surge in online shopping between Christmas and New Year, according to new data released by eBay Advertising.

In 2015, consumers were looking to snap up a bargain as early as Christmas Day, with “unwanted christmas present” being the most searched for item on eBay, dropping no lower than number two until 9pm that evening.

If that is anything to go by, 2016 looks set to provide a similar opportunity for disappointed folk.

Amazon is the most valuable retail brand in the world

In a report on the top 25 most valuable retail brands in the world, BrandZ’s has named Amazon as the number one.

With an estimated value of $98.98bn, the online retailer’s brand value has gone up by 59% year-on-year, outperforming others like Alibaba, Home Depot and Walmart.

Though the list mainly features US brands, UK retailers Tesco and Marks & Spencers were featured, coming in at numbers 15 and 24 respectively.


53% of consumers happy to interact with brands on messaging apps

In a poll of 2,000 consumers in the UK and France, Kenshoo found that just over half are open to interacting with brands on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger – as long as they can block brands they are not interested in.

The study found that 51% of app users see messaging as faster and more immediate than email interactions, while 48% feel it is less hassle than speaking to a company on the phone.

Another advantage of brands using messaging apps could be convenience for joint purchases, with 15% of consumers liking the idea of a group interaction to discuss travel research, for example.

Similarly, finding information quickly is also a positive, with 33% liking the fact that messaging apps retain conversations, meaning there is no need to search through previous emails or notes from telephone calls.

(Most used apps)

Black Friday results in growth rate of 22.9% in Novemeber YoY

The latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index have revealed how retailers slashed prices throughout Black Friday weekend.

The category which saw the sharpest drop in prices was electricals, with the average basket value falling to £119 in November – a decrease of 18.5% on the previous month and 22.7% from November 2015.

Average basket values decreased in all sectors from the previous month, apart from home & garden, resulting in a year-on-year growth rate of 22.9% in November.

Boohoo is the top brand for Facebook Live video in 2016

With live streaming truly taking off in 2016, Socialbakers has rounded up the brands whose Facebook Live videos performed the best.

With 313,282 interactions, Boohoo’s black Friday giveaway comes in at the top spot, followed by the Body Coach’s Live Hiit, which generated 22,303 interactions.

Here is the top five:

  1. Boohoo.com – Live Black Friday give away (313,282 interactions)
  2. The Body Coach – Live Hiit (22,303 interactions)
  3. Xbox UK – Forza Horizon 3 (18,554 interactions)
  4. Oh Polly – Online competition (11,345 interactions)
  5. Chain Reaction Cycles – Online competition: Unior toolkit (9,343 interactions)

Online searches for cocktails peak on Christmas Day and NYE

According to Equimedia, drinks and spirits brands should be doing more to capitalise on search interest in the run up to Christmas.

From research of 39 separate cocktail types categorised by their main spirit ingredient, it found that searches for cocktail recipes are at their peak on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

However, with conversions unlikely at this point, brands should be engaging consumers as interest ramps up throughout the festive period – with the aim of inspiring them to stock up in advance.

Equimedia has also highlighted the dominance of major brands, with Smirnoff Vodka outranking all other types of vodka, and Jack Daniels doing the same for whiskey. Despite this, the rise in popularity of artisan gin shows there is opportunity for smaller brands, with Sipsmith now within striking distance of Gordons Gin as the most-searched for in the cateogory.