Yes, you’ve found it, it’s Econsultancy’s weekly anti-format; a simple roundup of the best tweets, gifs, videos and crazy cr*pola.

Linger here as long as you’d like, before diving back into the cool waters of our more serious blog content and research, ensuring you learn and grow, like the marketing sunflowers you are. You’re all so welcome.

Ship of the week

It’s not often I allow politics to slip into this joyous domain, but Andrew Rawnsley, Observer columnist and New Labour biographer has crept in with this insane twitpic.

How we miss proper advertising..

Before all this content marketing hokum, we enjoyed adverts like this one, which happens to be the greatest advert of all time.

Football fans’ checked confidence of the week

Borussia Dortmund fans are simply not used to losing at home.

Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

I can’t stress this enough – always, always, make sure the customer gives you a phone platoon.

Unspeak of the week

Well, we think our industry of media is the true home of bullsh*t bingo, but in fact, the UN and it’s brand of ‘bureaucratese’ gives us a run for our money. This snapshot is from a piece by Lynn Visson, a UN interpreter, in the @LRB.

Video game typos

To make all you copywriters feel better.

‘The artist formerly known as’ gif of the week

‘This coffee is surprisingly palatable’, Prince’s face seems to say.

Meatlover’s short film of the week

We’re undecided whether this is too disturbing for the interweb roundup, so we decided to err on the side of not patronising our audience. Enjoy.

Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

Andrew Warren-Payne is Econsultancy’s most English of analysts. Here’s what he’s had to say this week. The wonders of Google chat mean I can bring you this faithful diary of events, from what sounds like a Pret a Manger.

With regards to my comestibles, I enjoyed a partially desiccated ham and cheese croissant, served in a cardboard box reminiscent of the fayre served on an airline. The peak of my experience is eating it off some circular, chromed tray; the streaks of Windolene distorting my visage as I stare into it like Narcissus into a pond.

The yummy mummies of the Marylebone periphery are collecting their beverages. There is a woman nattering to herself; a symptom of our dystopian metropolis. Ironically, she’s eating a “Love bar”, while longingly staring out of the window, watching traffic go by as her cheeks fill with chocolate like a rodent gorging in preparation for winter.

This is intense.

Design and copywriting skills in one fiery package

Whoever made this gif should be knighted. We’ve all been there.