Many Econsultancy members are in the business of regularly pitching for new business, or trying to grow existing accounts. Travelling and meeting people is part and parcel of winning work, but there are also various ways of using the internet to help you pitch to existing and prospective clients.

10 free tools to help you create online presentations

As such, I thought it would be a good idea to show you a bunch of tools that can be used to create and coordinate online presentations. They can be used for individual client work, or more publicly, to share your presentations with the wider world to increase exposure.

I believe that all of these tools are free, with the option to ‘upgrade to Pro’. There are others, but these are standout apps, and they’re all worth checking out if you’re not yet using them.

I hope they help you to win more business!

Prezi – why use 20 slides when just one will do? Prezi gives you one big slide and a bunch of zoom functionality, so you can capture big picture ideas and focus on individual elements. Take 10 minutes to learn how to use it. Prezi is innovative and compelling, and might help you stand out from the crowd.  

Daytum – an innovative way of displaying facts and figures on a single web page. Easy to set up and use, with inbuilt charting / display options. We’ve just started playing with it and are going to start using it to offer a digest of the key takeaways from our new research reports. 

280slides – an easy-to-use online version of Keynote / Powerpoint. Create your slideshow via the internet – no software needed. Multiple team members can collaborate to work on presentations. Very straightforward.

Sliderocket – similar to 280slides, Sliderocket allows you to create online presentations. Share assets and collaborate with colleagues. If pitching is a big part of your business then it’s worth checking out. It supports rich media and creates a content database of shared company assets, that can be used over and over again.

Slideshare – the perfect place to upload your online presentations. Allows you to embed slideshows easily within web pages. It’s essentially YouTube for Powerpoint / Keynote, and it’s very handy for sharing your own presentations and also hunting for treasure. – a useful online tool that allows you to quickly record screencasts. It records what’s on your screen, plus mouse activity, and captures audio for that all-important background noise and narration. Web professionals on the agency side should love this.

Faculte – helps you create interactive presentations. Video, images, audio. Can be embedded into email, websites, widgets etc. Contains inbuilt analytics.

Basecamp – the internet’s most straightforward project management tool. Coordinate your team / pitches online using Basecamp, for collaboration, file sharing, creating to-do lists and schedules via the ‘milestones’ calendar. You’re probably already using Basecamp, but if you’re not then ignore the hype and take a closer look.

Google Docs – collaborate with colleagues on spreadsheets, documents and presentations. Perhaps most useful for pre-presentation planning. 

Posterous – a genius microblogging platform that can be private or public, and which supports multiple users. If you want to create a quick microsite to aggregate your presentation assets, for internal or external use, then simply email to get started (there’s no need to register beforehand, although you can if you want to). Native support for image libraries, rich media and files. Read my post on why I think Posterous is the future of blogging, and how to get started.

Any good? Let me know what you think…

[Image by eBeam via Flickr, various rights reserved]