Welcome to Econsultancy’s anti-format. This is a fun and perhaps unnecessary respite from our best practice research and blog posts.

The big news this week is that Econsultancy’s tech team has incorporated a gif retriever into our CMS. This means we will never need cash again.

Enjoy what we’ve enjoyed this week and please share with your family.

Captain Picard wishes you a Merry Christmas

Christmas card of the week

Metamorphosis of the week

Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion to, wait for it, Snoopzilla. 

Christmas decoration gifs of the week

Christmas pugs of the week

Game of the week


Thanks to b3ta.com for pointing us to this. Incredible. N.B. Needs sound.

This week’s best baby squirrels

Breakdancing robot of the week

Grandiose toilet roll dispenser of the week

Mailbox of the week