In advance of tomorrow’s JUMP conference, I’ve compiled some of the best multichannel-themed posts from the last 12 months. 

How can retailers appeal to mobile users in store?

Smartphones are everywhere, and more and more people are using them to search for information when shopping on the high street. With price checking functions on apps like Amazon’s, they also carry the potential to take sales away from the high street. 

So how can retailers adapt to this trend, and use mobile to create a better in-store experience? 

Q&A: Craig Sullivan on using online data to improve offline marketing

Belron’s Craig Sullivan’s presentation was one of the highlights of last year’s JUMP, and he’ll be speaking again this year

In this interview, Craig talks about how online data can inform TV advertising, and vice versa. 

The fight gets technical: mobile apps vs. mobile sites

Mobile is a key part of any brand’s multichannel strategy, but should marketers go for a mobile optimised website or an app? 

Online retailers still need to improve returns processes

While retailers have improved in areas such as refunding delivery charges, there is still room for more flexibility and simplicity in returns policies.

The findings from the Snow Valley 2011 Online Returns & Refunds report show the importance of customer experience beyond the website, and why some retailers can do better. 

How can marketers use offline ads to drive people online?

In a multichannel environment, brands and marketers need to think carefully about how customers will respond to offline advertising. 

If people see a product or service they like, will they open up their laptops and type the URL used on the ad into a search engine? Will they search for the brand online instead? Or will they use the smartphone in their pocket? 

20 reasons why customer service is broken

Effective customer service is vital for any multichannel business, but it is frequently poor. We look at 20 reasons why. 

Seven multichannel retail success stories

A focus on multichannel is paying off for some of the high street’s most popular brands. We look at some sales figures from Argos, John Lewis and others. 

Q&A: Majestic Wines’ Richard Weaver on multichannel retail

Richard Weaver is E-commerce Director at Majestic Wines, which has been growing its multichannel sales over the past couple of years. 

We interviewed Richard about Majestic’s recent multichannel initiatives, the localisation of its website, and upcoming moves into mobile commerce. 

Why is multichannel customer service important?

The aim of multichannel customer service is to provide customers with options for how they would like to communicate with a brand if they have a query or a complaint to make.

Multichannel retail: US and UK trends compared

In June, Econsultancy surveyed 2,000 consumers in the UK and 2,000 consumers in the US, to unearth attitudes to multichannel shopping and service. The survey was compiled using the TolunaQuick tool.

We found that there are a lot of similarities, but also some distinct differences in consumer behaviour in the UK and US…