We’ve got stats full to the brim with fun this week.

From Snapchat to SEO in financial services, from the UK’s EU referendum to declining app usage.

We’ve plenty of diagrams, charts, graphics and visualisations, too.

For more stats, as ever, we urge you (all together now), ‘check out Econsultancy’s Internet Statistics Compedium‘.

US app downloads down 20% YoY

May 2015 saw downloads for the top 15 app publishers drop an average of 20% in the US.

Globally, these 15 apps are faring better, with an average growth in downloads of 3%.

The research from Nomura and reported by Recode shows the extent to which Snapchat and Uber are exceptions to the rule of negative or minimal growth (see chart below).

Both more than doubled their downloads last month, year-on-year.

Globally, the mobile phone market is still growing, so the app market is as well. But not by much.

app downloads

Time in app also stuttering

The bad news for apps doesn’t stop there. People are spending less time in their social media apps overall.

SimilarWeb looked at Android apps, comparing Q1 2015 to Q1 2016. Across the four major social platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, time in app for Android users has decreased.

The chart below shows this phenomenon for the Facebook app, likely influenced by spending more time in Messenger.

app time down

The mobile display advertising landscape

IHS and Facebook produced some research on this back in March, but I’ve only just come across the results.

The charts are compelling, so I’ve reproduced two of my favourites here.

The first shows Facebook’s domination of mobile display advertising (44%) and the second shows how much of overall display is on mobile (76%).

global mobile advertising

mobile advertising globally

Vote Leave beating Stronger In for website visits

VoteLeaveTakecontrol.org has seen 373,000 visits to its website in the past 28 days from the UK, compared to 185,000 visiting Strongerin.co.uk.

The information comes from more research by SimilarWeb.

EU referendum top searches

Sticking with the UK’s lengthy referendum debate, Hitwise has studied the online behaviour of 3m Britons, across the four weeks ending May 28, 2016.

The results show top keywords included in searches for relevant referendum terms.

Top keywords included in searches for ‘EU Referendum’ and ‘Brexit’

keywords for brexit searchers

Top keywords included in searches for ‘EU Leave’ and ‘EU Stay’

eu referendum searches

Football brands

Brand Finance delivers an annual study that calculates the brand value of the world’s top soccer clubs.

You can check out the top 10 below. Other headlines as follows:

  • Leicester’s brand value is up 132%, making it the fastest growing football club brand.
  • Manchester United remains the most valuable football brand, worth £1.17bn, despite failing to qualify for the Champions League.

football brands

Keep social honest 

A growing number of people cannot distinguish between marketing and non-commercial content.

That worrying finding comes from the CIM’s intriguingly titled study ‘Keep Social Honest‘.

3,000 social media users were surveyed and had the following to say (some of these stats seem like they’d be difficult to prove):

  • A quarter (25%) have seen a brand fake an online review (compared to 17% in 2014).
  • 21% have seen a brand pay or incentivise customers to share positive comments on social media without making this clear to other users (up from 14% in 2014).
  • 16% have seen brands pay someone to promote a product or service without disclosing the payment (also up from 14% in 2014).

More stats from the study can be seen in the infographic below.

keep social honest

SEO in financial services

40% of the top five rankings in Google’s organic search results for financial services are aggregators, according to new research by Equimedia.

Over 3,000 keywords were analysed across the main financial services markets.

Across most categories, aggregator sites such as MoneySuperMarket occupy the top two positions in organic search. 

Consumer advice services are second in prominence, as shown in the table below.

financial seo

To understand the value of the rankings, Equimedia calculated a score for each site based on search volume and using a click bias weighting to account for higher ranking getting better clickthrough.

The results of this scoring are shown below (for the current account and mortgages category) – as you can see, moneysavingexpert.com tops both of these tables.

financial seo

Effectiveness of media spend

Display advertising doesn’t come off too well, looking at the chart below taken from the Econsultancy Media Budgets Index, in association with Datalicious.

TV and point-of-sale are out in front as the most effective channels as regards return on media spend.

These results are caveated with the fact that 34% of respondents said they did not use attribution to track the value of marketing channels.

A further 22% said they didn’t know if they attributed success or that it wasn’t relevant.

effectiveness of channels

Most popular iOS apps

A last piece of app news, from research by App Annie.

Facebook Messenger, Amazon and Snapchat top the charts of quickest growing iOS apps in the US.

With Snapchat’s number of daily active users recently overtaking Twitter’s, the platform seems well poised.

Facebook Messenger, too, is set to grow further, especially on Android, where Facebook has recently removed Messenger from within the main Facebook app, to encourage users to switch.

app usage