Brands that employ design thinking are perhaps easier to spot than they used to be. That’s because we interact with many fast-growing digital businesses primarily through our screens.

So, for a service like Deliveroo (which delivers somebody else’s product), aside from meeting the delivery person at the door, we know the brand purely as an app experience (and from noting the colourful riders in the street).

Of course, there are plenty of design-led brands that don’t usually interact with their customers via a digital interface, only through a product. The famous ones are easy to call to mind – Dyson, for example.

Then, most interestingly, there are brands that are trying to digitally transform their businesses, such as in financial services. In many of these rapidly changing businesses design is starting to gain greater influence over business strategy.

Having already tried to get the bottom of the theory around design thinking (see previous articles), we thought we’d round up some examples of brands that employ design thinking. Here are 10 of them...

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