Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing statistics we’ve seen this week.

Statistics include Twitter revenue, conversion rates, Facebook’s Q3 earnings, ecommerce in the Nordics, use of Google Chrome and Halloween.

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Twitter revenue per visit up 300% year on year

1m page views for the Econsultancy blog

Satisfaction with conversion rates has increased

  • More than a quarter (28%) of companies are satisfied with their conversion rates (either ‘very’ or ‘quite’ satisfied), up by 6% since 2012 and the highest level since 2009.
  • The fifth annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report, produced in association with RedEye, also found that the proportion of organisations who say they experienced an increase in sales conversion rates has significantly gone up, from 60% in 2012 to 70% this year.
  • The most valued methods for increasing conversion rates are both testing methodologies, with around three in five companies surveyed saying A/B testing and multivariate testing are ‘highly valuable’.

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Facebook’s Q3 earnings

  • Facebook’s Q3 earnings call revealed that total revenue was $2.02bn, an increase of 60% compared with $1.26bn in the third quarter of 2012.
  • Total advertising revenue was $1.80bn, a 66% increase from the same quarter last year. Mobile advertising revenue was 49% of total ad revenue for the third quarter of 2013.

Britain’s ‘sale-seekers’ driving ecommerce growth

  • A survey of 2,000 consumers by Rakuten and Pantone has found that more than a third (34%) of shoppers actively seek out sales when shopping online, while a further 56% admit to being seduced by eye-catching promotions.
  • The study found that over a quarter (27%) of shoppers frequently buy full-price items alongside those that are discounted, with only one in five (19%) shoppers sticking solely items included in the sale.

Travel brands caught short on mobile

  • Research released today by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) reveals that nearly half of the top 50 UK travel brands have a mobile optimised site, however just 4% of those brands have a site specifically designed for tablet devices.
  • The Mobile Travel Audit was carried out between September and October 2013 across the top 50 travel companies spending the most on advertising in the UK.
  • The study showed that 34% of the travel brands audited had no mobile presence whatsoever, only 48% had a mobile app and only 56% of those apps were transactional.

Robust growth for commerce in the Nordic region

  • According to a new report from PostNord, more than 14m citizens of the Nordic region bought goods online last year.
  • Nearly one in three people in the Nordic region bought goods online at least once a month. Denmark tops the Nordic list for percentage of consumers who buy goods online, while the highest amounts are spent by consumers in Norway.
  • PostNord estimates that the Nordic ecommerce market amounts to sales of around 100bn Swedish Krona.

Opportunity for ‘life-stage’ targeting online says eBay

  • Consumer insights released this week by eBay Advertising show the impact that key life milestones can have on shopping behaviours.
  • For example, eBay recorded over 3,400 searches for ‘Audi’ and ‘car seats’ in September and more than 2,800 more for ‘Toyota’ and ‘car seats’, which suggests that a significant sub-set of car buyers are also new parents.
  • Furthermore, coinciding with the start of the new term eBay recorded over 25,000 searches for ‘Acer laptops’ by 18-24 year olds this August and September, a 75% increase on the previous two months.

Chrome the winner in browser usage

  • New data from Shareaholic looking at the use of web browsers has found that Google Chrome owns more than third of marketshare (34.68%), double that of Firefox in second place (16.6%).
  • Use of Google Chrome increased by 15.64% year-on-year while Firefox saw an 11.6% decline and Internet Explorer dropped by a massive 23.81%.

Halloween is all the rage on social

  • Crimson Hexagon analysed more than 4m social media posts and found that two-thirds of the total conversations were positive.
  • Among UK social media users, 8% were talking about going to Halloween parties, 55% discussed general excitement for the day and 20% of UK discussions were about costumes. 14% of UK tweets were from businesses or were about Halloween themed giveaways.