Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing statistics we saw last week.

Statistics include real-time bidding, email marketing, paid search, responsive design, integrated marketing and augmented reality.

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Publishers embrace real-time bidding

  • Econsultancy’s new Online Publishers Survey Report shows how more publishers are using data to improve the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Though ‘direct’ still accounts for the lion’s share of publisher revenue  (71% compared to 29% for indirect), our 2013 survey of publishers reveals a massive jump from 2011 in the proportion of publishers using supply-side platforms (SSPs) to sell inventory, as well as increases in the use of ad exchanges and data management platforms (DMPs).

Do you sell inventory through any of the following?

Which brand has the most repellant emails?

  • Email app ‘’ recently published a revealing list of popular unsubscribes from 2013.
  • Top of the list is 1800 Flowers with a 52% unsubscribe rate, followed by Ticketweb at 47.5% and Pro Flowers on 45.10%.
  • For the full list check out Matt Owen’s blog post on what makes people unsubscribe from email marketing.

Apple losing marketshare in the US

  • Quarterly figures from Kantar Worldpanel show that Apple’s marketshare has decreased in several major markets.
  • In the three months to the end of November 2013, Apple iOS operating system accounted for 69.1% of the market in Japan, 43.1% in the US, 35.0% in Australia and 30.6% in the UK.
  • The previous year, these shares stood at 53% in the US, 35.5% in Australia and 36.1% in the UK.

42% of online adults in the USA use two or more social networks

  • Facebook is still the dominant social site in the USA, but even more adults are now signing up to multiple platforms
  • These findings come from Pew Internet’s latest research, based on a sample of 1,800 adults.
  • It shows that 73% of online adults now use social networking sites, while 36% of online adults use only one social network. Among those that use only one social network, 84% are Facebook users.

Tablets account for a third of Boxing Day conversions and revenue from PPC

  • Tablet devices accounted for more than a third of conversions, revenue and spend from UK retail paid search on Boxing Day.
  • The data comes from Kenshoo and is based on a representative sample of UK retailers that use the company’s search marketing platform.
  • The exact findings show that UK retail search advertisers saw their ad revenue double year-on-year, with tablets accounting for 35% of spend vs. 50% on desktop; 37% of conversions vs. 55% on desktop; 38% of revenue vs. 56% on desktop.

42% of marketers never use responsive design in emails

Business culture and structure seen as main obstacles to integrated marketing

  • Organisational structure and company culture are seen as the two main obstacles to effective integrated marketing, according to the new ‘Channels in Concert: Trends in Integrated Marketing’ report from Econsultancy and Adobe.
  • This briefing, based on a global survey of more than 1,000 business respondents carried out by Econsultancy and Adobe in November 2013, looks at data, analytics, technology and skills in the context of integrated marketing.
  • Looking at the factors that contribute to successful integrated marketing, respondents cited a customer-centric culture, effective technology platforms and marketers with the right skills as the most important attributes.

Blippar reveals most successful Blipps of 2013

  • Augmented reality app Blippar has revealed the most popular ‘blipps’ of 2013.
  • Argos’ Gift Guide topped the list, generating 891,191 interactions. It provided access to exclusive extra content, including extended ranges, video, games and competitions.
  • Second on the list was JuiceBurst’s bottles, followed by Tops of the Pops’ Magazine’s interactive cover, and Radio Times’ Doctor Who cover.

Gadget binge set to continue

  • One-third of digital consumers plan to spend more on connected devices in the next 12 months, according to Accenture’s 2014 Digital Consumer Technology Survey.
  • The poll of 6,000 consumers found that 29% of respondents were going to replace their smartphone, while between 10% and 11% planning the same for their existing HDTVs and tablets.

US digital ad revenues reach record $10.6bn

  • Digital ad revenues in the US reached a record $10.69bn in Q3 2013, according to the IAB.
  • This equates to a 15% year-on-year growth from the $9.26bn reported in Q3 2012,  and a 4.2% increase on Q2.