Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing statistics we saw last week.

Statistics include London Fashion Week, online reviews, real-time marketing, mobile conversion rates, Google click-to-call, and automotive sales on eBay.

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77% of UK shoppers consult reviews before buying online

  • A new survey of 2,000 UK consumers by Trustpilot has found that three out of four British shoppers (77%) consult online reviews before buying online, so clearly reviews are still incredibly important for driving conversions.
  • The survey also suggests that 60% of Brits have written a review in the past year.
  • To find out more about the importance of consumer reviews, read my roundup of data taken from several other studies which show the impact they have on driving conversions.

How fast is real-time marketing?

  • In Econsultancy’s new Real-Time Marketing Survey Report, published in association with Monetate, more than four-fifths of all respondents (80% company, 82% agency) said that responses should occur in two minutes or less.
  • At the sharp end, 12% of company respondents said that real time was the ability to respond to consumer behaviours in less than a second.
  • The ability to respond this quickly obviously requires marketing automation software, as human intervention wouldn’t be feasible in such a short timeframe

How do you define real-time marketing?

App conversion rates closer to desktop than mobile web

  • Data from mobile agency Poq Studio shows that over the Christmas period conversion rates from apps (1.8%) were closer to desktop (2.4%) than to mobile sites (0.73%).
  • This is indicative of the fact that mobile apps are generally used by loyal customers. The data found that 78% of apps users were return visitors, compared to 40% on mobile sites.
  • The report, which includes data taken from November and December 2013, also shows that iOS drove the majority of mobile sales with 80% originating from iPhone, iPads and iPods.

Conversion rates by device

BBC is the most shared UK news outlet on Twitter

  • The BBC and The Guardian are the most dominant UK news outlets in terms of the number of shares on Twitter, according to new data from PeerIndex.
  • UK Twitter users shared just over 4.2m articles from BBC News in January 2014, which apparently resulted in more than 100bn potential impressions of BBC content to Twitter users globally.
  • In comparison, content from The Guardian was shared 2.4m times via Twitter while The Telegraph came in third with 913,000 shares.
  • Interestingly the Mail Online is only fifth on the list with 453,000 shares, despite the fact that it is the world’s most popular news website with close to 190m global monthly unique browsers in January.

Google click-to-call used by more than 40% of mobile searchers

  • Google and Ipsos have published new research intended to detail the use of click-to-call in mobile search.
  • The results show that almost half of those surveyed (42%) had used click-to-call in search, with the need to talk to a real person stated as the main motivation. Other motivations included ‘wanting answers more quickly’ and ‘needing more information than a website could provide’.
  • Of smartphone users, a massive 94% have needed to call a business directly when searching for information, whether click-to-call is available or not.

31% of UK shoppers research in-store before making purchase online

  • A survey published by eBay gives a new insight into the relationship between offline and online retail by asking respondents about the channels they used to research a specific purchase.
  • In both the UK and Germany around a third of consumers used multiple channels during their purchase journey, including 31% of consumers who visited a store before buying online and 34% of consumers who did online research before a recent in-store purchase.
  • Purchases of electronics or home and garden products were most likely to involve prior research.

Prior to your recent online purchase, did you do any of the following?

57% of marketers using faster email technology report higher conversion rates

  • The new Email Marketing Speed Imperative study, published by Econsultancy in partnership with dotMailer, has found that 42% of marketers who use slow email technology report lower than average conversion rates.
  • Here’s a look at how marketers’ conversion rates and ROI relate to sector averages, broken down by the speed of their email marketing technology:

Primark achieves 1.7m Facebook ‘likes’ in just six months

  • Primark has entered the top five of the 100 UK retailers on social media for the first time.
  • According to eDigitalResearch’s Retail Social Media Benchmark, Primark now has almost 2.4m fans on Facebook alone, a steep rise from its reported 700,000 followers just six months ago.
  • To find out more, read Christopher Ratcliff’s post on how Primark attracted 1.7m ‘like’s in just six months.

Ebay reports growing automotive market online

  • Figures released by eBay Advertising today reveal that the online automotive market is growing fast, with one car now sold on every minute.
  • Anonymous consumer data from the eBay platform revealed that 30–34 year olds purchased the most cars on eBay in the UK in 2013, and BMW was the most searched car brand on, followed by Range Rover and Mercedes.
  • With new car registrations, March is typically the busiest month for car sales on, but this uplift continues into April and May, with sales above the monthly average recorded on eBay in April and May 2013. eBay’s data also shows that the number of cars listed on increases from March, peaking in May, suggesting that a lot of motorists sell their current vehicles at this time of year to pay for their new ones.
  • June is the month that Brits invest to impress on, with the number of purchases for external styling parts peaking in June, when one part is sold every 20 seconds. Sales of car care and car cleaning products also peaked on eBay in the UK in June 2013.

M&S tops rivals for positive mentions

  • Marks & Spencer beat rivals Topshop and Burberry for positive mentions at London Fashion Week, according to data from Hootsuite.
  • Around a third (32%) of M&S mentions were positive, compared to 7% for Burberry and 25% for Topshop.
  • However it’s worth noting that 93% of Burberry’s mentions were deemed ‘neutral’ and that if you view the three brands as a whole, M&S only accounted for 3% of mentions compared to 35% of Topshop and 62% for Burberry.