Once again I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week.

Stats include the market for PPC bid management technology, social media in the Middle East, the causes of cart abandonment, the ever increasing popularity of search and Samsung’s sales figures.

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PPC bid management technology market set to grow

  • The market for PPC bid management technology is predicted to grow by 17% in 2012, in line with the overall North American search sector, which is predicted to grow from a value of $22.9 billion, to $26.8 billion in 2013. 
  • The data comes from Econsultancy’s updated PPC Bid Management Technology Buyer’s Guide.
  • The report shows that many areas of digital are increasingly integrated, with the biggest opportunities for growth in this sector coming from mobile paid search, a focus on multichannel retailing and the continuing forward march of social media.

Social media growth in the Middle East

  • New data included in our Middle East and North Africa Internet Statistics Compendium highlights Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as the region’s key social media platforms.
  • In terms of penetration, LinkedIn outperforms Twitter across many countries – most significantly, in the UAE where the business-focused network reaches more than 12% of the population (compared to around 3% for Twitter).
  • Facebook is the leading social network across the region. Again, the UAE sees impressive penetration, with the service reaching more than 40% of the population.

Percentage penetration of social media users in selected Arab countries by social network (June 2012)

SMEs don’t see the value of Facebook marketing

Window shopping causes cart abandonments

  • Data from comScore shows that 57% of consumers have abandoned a purchase as they were only window shopping while 56% said they abandoned a transaction as they were just saving items for later.
  • However the next three most popular reasons for abandoning a shopping cart were all to do with shipping costs.
  • 55% of respondents had abandoned a cart as shipping costs were too high, 51% because their items did not qualify for free shopping and 40% becuase shipping costs were listed too late.

Mobile users have no patience

  • Tablet users expect websites to load in under three seconds, and smartphone users only slightly more patient with a four second expectation.
  • That’s according to a study published this week by testing and monitoring solutions provider Keynote Systems. It surveyed more than 5,000 individuals about their browsing habits and expectations.
  • Of those polled who were smartphone users, a full two-thirds indicated that their biggest gripe was slow-loading web pages. What constitutes slow-loading? Well over half (64%) of smartphone users want a web page to load within four seconds; the vast majority (82%) expect it to load within five.
  • Tablet users had even higher expectations: 60% of them want a page to load within three seconds.

Coral tops gambling website usability study

Get searching

  • Data from Experian Hitwise shows that on average the UK is making an additional 93m visits per month to search engines compared to the same month in the previous year. This equates to an average year-on-year growth of 4.3% in visits.
  • Last month almost 91% of UK searches were conducted on Google. As search is getting bigger in the UK market Google is keeping pace and maintaining its dominance on the market.

Young men love e-commerce

  • Research by Rakuten LinkShare’s indicates nearly half of 18-25 year old males (44%) are making more fashion purchases this year than last.
  • This young, male audience is also leading mobile commerce for the fashion industry with nearly half of 18-24 year olds making fashion purchases on their smartphones and over a quarter of 25-34 year olds making purchases on their tablet.
  • Across the board, men surveyed were keen to ensure they get the best deal online. Over three quarters of respondents (76%) indicated that vouchers, incentives and discounts encourage them to make a purchase.

Great success for Samsung

  • The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows that Samsung, buoyed by the release of the Samsung S3, is now the top selling brand across Europe with 45% share.
  • Samsung’s success has hugely benefited Android, with its share of the big five countries growing from 42.7% in July 2011 to 65.7% in July 2012. Android has also retained its number one position in Great Britain in the latest 12 weeks of sales with 59.5% share, up from 47% a year ago.

Social key for customer relationships 

  • A new report from Deloitte, which surveyed 3,748 executives from 115 countries and 24 industries, found that 80% of respondents stated social media had a key role to play in building customer relationships.
  • Another 74% agreed it could foster innovation that delivered genuine differentiation, while 65% cited benefits linked to hiring and retaining talent and 61% referenced revenue-generating possibilities.
  • However, just 18% of the respondents thought social software was extremely important to their company at present, and 40% expected it to be so one year from now, rising to 63% in three years’ time.