Here’s a round up if some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week. 

Stats include mobile commerce in Europe, consumer sharing of data, email subject lines, and Facebook ad revenues. 

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Consumer sharing of data

  • According to Experian stats82% of UK consumers are happy to share their information with brands across at least one channel.
  • 18-24 year olds are most likely to share information about themselves across more than three channels, increasingly including social channels, and tend to be the most engaged with brands.
  • Respondents were much more likely to share insights with the brands that they trusted to use their data in a responsible and appropriate way.

Mobile commerce 

  • 20% of US moms shop with smartphones, according to stats from the IAB
  • One in four use smartphones to find special offers and discount codes. 

Where’s my data?

  • Almost half of UK companies running transactional websites don’t know where their data is stored, according to research carried out for Q3 Internet
  • 45% of companies don’t know whether or not their data is stored in the UK, while 27% do not know who their web hosting provider is. 

Online ads

Email subject lines

  • Four to 15 character email subject lines have highest open rates, according to stats from MailerMailer.
  • 70% of messages are opened within the first 16 hours.
  • Messages scheduled for Sunday had higher open and click rates as did ones that were scheduled for midnight.

Online grocery shopping

  • 61% of online consumers use the web for grocery shopping research, according to Nielsen.  
  • 26% of global respondents reporting they planned to purchase grocery products online, on PC, mobile phone or tablet, in the next three to six months.

Mobile and travel sites

  • 40m consumers accessed travel sites or apps from their smartphone in July 2012, according to stats from comScore
  • This equates to 37% of US smartphone owners. 
  • TripAdvisor was the most poipular destination for mobile users, with 6.7m visitors, followed by Expedia with 6m and Southwest Airlines with 4.1m visitors.

London Underground wi-fi

  • More than eight million ‘connected moments’ occurred over London Underground’s new Wi-Fi networks during the Olympics. In plain English, this means tweets, emails, Facebook posts etc. 
  • According to Virgin Media, 443,000 people took advantage of the free wi-fi on offer

Facebook ad revenue

  • Facebook ad revenues will continue to rise this year, though at a significantly lower rate than in the past, according to eMarketer.  
  • Revenues are predicted reach $4.23bn, up 34.1% over 2011.  
  • eMarketer predicts revenue will increase through 2014, when Facebook’s worldwide ad revenues will reach $6.81bn.

Mobile commerce in Europe

  • 71% of smartphone users in the UK, France, Sweden and Germany are researching potential purchases via mobile, and 53% are buying goods and services other than downloads on their devices, according to stats reported by Internet Retailing
  • Tablet users are also among the highest mobile spenders, with the average highest amount spent quoted at £185 compared to £113 on mobile.