Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week.

Stats include the increase in mobile ad spend, JUMP 2012 takeaways, how the French use the mobile internet, affiliate mobile stats and a range of new YouTube channels.

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Mobile ad spend up 132% in first half of 2012

  • Mobile advertising grew by 132% to £181.5m in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period last year and now accounts for 7% of all digital ad spend.
  • The figures comes from the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) advertising expenditure report conducted by PwC, which says the increase has been largely fuelled by the increase in smartphone ownership.
  • Looking at how mobile ad spend breaks down; display, video, SMS and MMS advertising increased like-for-like by 91% to £49.9m while mobile search grew by 152% to £131.6m – accounting for 72% of mobile ad spend.
  • Overall ad spend online and on mobile increased by 12.6% to a six-month high of £2.59bn in the first half of 2012, up by over £294m from £2.3bn in 2011.

JUMP 2012 takeaways

  • This week we hosted our annual JUMP event focusing on multichannel marketing. 
  • We found out that 50% of visitors to the LOCOG site at weekends were using mobile browsers and Porsche’s Net Promoter Score is 69.8.
  • Furthermore it was revealed that in 2012 53% of UK online shoppers have used live chat up from 41% in 2011 and mobile network giffgaff has paid more than £1m back to its customers in rewards – the top earner got £13,000 in one year.

Social buzz encourages TV viewing

  • A new Red Bee Media survey of 2,000 smartphone owners found that one in three respondents said that they are more likely to watch a show live rather than on-demand if there is significant social buzz around that programme.
  • In fact social media appears to be the most effective way for broadcasters to engage with smartphone owners, as although 86% of respondents said they have used a second screen while watching TV just one in five have used a synchronous companion app such as Zeebox.

The French go mobile

  • More than a third (37.7%) of French consumers now access the mobile internet, according to Médiamétrie.
  • 91.5% of this group logged on through a browser and 72.2% did so via a mobile app.
  • The top 20 sites collectively received 97% of mobile internet users. Some 16.5m users visited Google in August, ahead of Facebook on 14.3m and YouTube on 11m.

Email arrival time affect performance

  • A survey of 743 businesses by StrongMail found that 80% of respondents have seen performance increased for emails delivered during a particular time of day.
  • 61% cite a decrease in performance when emails don’t arrive at scheduled time and 74% would like more control over the arrival of their campaigns.
  • However 53% are not currently testing for an optimal delivery window for their email campaigns and 61% are not currently doing any segmentation of email campaigns by time of day.

Affiliate Window’s mobile stats

  • New m-commerce figures from Affiliate Window show that 9.98% of all sales on its network were through mobile devices (inc tablets) – up from 9.35% in August.
  • Furthermore, 12.79% of traffic came through mobile – down from 13.35% in August. If tablets are stripped out the figure is 7.48% – down from 8.01% in August.
  • Mobile traffic is converting at 2.60% – down slightly from 2.84% in August.

What is RTB?

  • A survey of 120 digital marketers by Adform found that under a third of marketers (32%) can decipher the term RTB (real-time bidding), even less can decipher DSP (26%) and only 4% are aware of the term DCO.
  • 53% of marketers are frustrated about having to use multiple platforms to run campaigns, while 76% of marketers are expecting greater investment in rich media rather than standard display campaigns over the next 12 months.

Marketers not happy with their mobile performance

  • A new survey of 250 global marketers by the CMO Council found that just 8% of respondents agreed their firm already had ‘very advanced’ mobile capabilities.
  • A further 30% remained at the strategic evaluation stage, while 26% were currently developing apps. 
  • Only 17% of firms said they had a ‘quite good’ level of competence and were pushing into mobile marketing.
  • 93% of the panel thought their target audience was making greater use of tablets, laptops, e-readers and smartphones.

Search budgets on the up

  • Kenshoo’s Global Search Advertising Trends report has found that global paid search budgets have been rising with a growth rate of 24% year-on-year.
  • If growth rates remain consistent, CPC rates in the UK, which are currently at $0.45, could match the US CPC rate of $0.48 by Q4 2012.
  • It also found that Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) have gained significant traction and outperformed paid search text ads in CTR (68% higher), conversion rate (38%) and ROAS (25% higher).

New YouTube channels

  • YouTube has announced 60 new and original channels in partnership with major content creators, celebrities and online stars.
  • The content covers categories including sports, food, parenting, music, comedy, animation and news from production companies such as the BBC, FreemantleMedia and Endemol.