I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week. 

Stats include mobile customer experience, mobile ads, basket abandonment, Facebook fan engagement and how social affects search rankings. 

Mobile and multichannel customer experience

  • The Reducing Customer Struggle Report, published by Econsultancy in association with Tealeaf, has found that more than three-quarters (77%) of companies are boosting investment in the mobile channel this year.
  • More than half (58%) of companies surveyed said their customers typically research their products on mobile devices for later purchase online. Some 43% of respondents said their customers purchase products directly using a mobile device and a similar proportion (41%) reported that they research products or services for later purchase offline.

Multi-screen trends

  • Smartphones are the device of choice when TV viewers want to discuss adverts they have seen, followed by social networks, according to IAB stats quoted in eMarketer
  • The average amount of time that respondents spent on media each day climbed to 9.6 hours in 2011, from 9 hours in 2009.
  • Time spent on the web rose to 3.1 hours from 2.5 hours over the same period, but the amount of time spent watching TV remained the same, at 3.4 hours. 

Mobile penetration worldwide

  • Mobile reaches 86% of the global population and there are more than 5.8bn subscribers worldwide, according to We Are Social stats quoted in our Mobile User Experience Trends Briefing
  • North America, Western Europe, Central and South America, Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe all boast 100+% mobile penetration. 

Small businesses and mobile

  • 74% of small businesses have yet to design a mobile-optimised version of their website, while just one in ten believe this is necessary.
  • According to stats from Serif, 40% don’t even know how their existing website appears on a smartphone or tablet.  

Following brands on social media

  • From 2010 to 2012 the percentage of Americans following any brand on a social network has increased from 16% to 33%.
  • The fastest growing age segment in social media from 2011 to 2012 was 45-54 year-olds.
  • 55% of Americans 45-54 now have a profile on a social networking site.

Facebook fan engagement

  • In the average week, less than 0.5% of Facebook users engage with the brand they are fans of. 
  • Of 200 brands studied by The Advertising Research Foundation, only one showed a level of engagement over 2%, and only 10% of brands reached the 1% mark. 

Shopping cart/basket abandonment

  • ComScore research found that more than half (55%) of respondents have abandoned a cart as delivery costs made the total purchase more expensive than previously thought. 
  • 40% said that they had cancelled a purchase as the shipping and handling costs were listed too late in the purchase process. 

Social media and search rankings

  • Social shares on Facebook and Twitter closely correlate with how a site ranks in Google searches, according to a new study by Searchmetrics.
  • Facebook activity appears to have the highest impact on rankings, with a Facebook share the most important factor. Twitter is far behind these values but is still the sixth strongest metric behind Facebook and the number of backlinks.

Using offline to promote email engagement

  • Only 2% of the top 100 US retailers use in-store signage to promote email or SMS engagement, according to a new report from ExactTarget.
  • In comparison, 8% promote their online social communities in-store.
  • Signage is a useful tool for retailers to alert consumers to digital communication channels, yet only 39 of the top 100 retailers sought any sort of digital engagement from in-store consumers.
  • Of those that did, the most popular call-to-action on signage was a website URL (18%).

Global mobile ad market

  • The global mobile advertising has been valued at $5.3bn by the IAB
  • The regional shares are: Europe 25.9% North America 31.4%, Latin America 3.5%, Asia-Pacific 35.9%, Middle East & Africa 3.2%.