Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week.

Stats include mobile payments, social media use in Australia, online adspend in Europe, multiscreening and Facebook ads.

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Just 13% of people are happy to store credit card details on smartphones

  • Only 13% of consumers would be happy to store their credit card details on their smartphone, according to a new survey from The Logic Group.
  • The report again highlights the consumer mistrust of mobile technology, as only 30% of consumers trust major retailers to keep their personal information safe.
  • Furthermore, only a third of consumers said that they would be happy for their mobile to house their loyalty cards.
  • The research is based on an online survey of 1,010 interviews with British consumers. 

Smartphones win as the most popular social media device in Australia

  • Smartphones are now the most popular device used to access social media in Australia, overtaking laptop and desktop computers for the first time ever.
  • According to the 2013 Yellow Social Media Report, the number of social users accessing sites on their smartphones has grown from 53% to 67% in the past 12 months, making it now the most popular device for every age category under 50.
  • Laptop use has fallen from 69% to 64% over the past year, and use of desktop computers fell 8% from last years figures. Despite this, desktop computers still remain the main device for social media for those aged over 50.

Only 37% of marketers think Facebook ads are effective

  • A new survey by the Social Media Examiner has found that 97% of businesses use social media and 86% consider it to be an important part of their marketing efforts.
  • 92% use Facebook as part of their social media efforts and 49% consider Facebook to be their most important social media platform.
  • However only 37% of marketers think their Facebook advertising is effective.

European online adspend up 11.5%

  • European digital adspend rose by 11.5% to €24.3bn in 2012, according to new figures from IAB Europe.
  • The research showed that digital took a 25.6% share of the all-media total across the 26 European markets measured in 2012, though TV remained the largest medium in adspend terms with a 28.1% share.
  • Growth was most rapid in central and eastern Europe, up 26.6% year on year, while western European markets were up 9.5%.

People love to multiscreen

  • global study by InMobi revealed that 62% of mobile web users indulge in multiscreen activities while viewing TV, with social media as the most likely activity that a consumer will participate in (48%).
  • A further 46% of respondents indulge in instant messaging, 30% reported playing games or listening to music, and 18% reported searching for additional information about the products seen on TV.
  • Multiscreen behaviour was fairly consistent across numerous audience segments, however Millennials aged 20-34, were most likely with 69% showing multi-screen behaviour. 

Samsung outperforms Apple with stronger CTRs

  • Adfonic’s latest analysis of mobile ad trends shows Samsung consistently outperforming Apple for ad clickthrough rates in the key UK and US markets.
  • Samsung devices showed stronger CTRs than Apple’s in every month of Q1 – from 15% stronger in January to 70% in March.
  • Samsung tablets could be about to outperform Apple’s: iPads had a CTR index 40% higher than Samsung tablets in January, but by March it was just 18%.

Security fears and lack of trust are main barriers to mobile payments

  • A new report by VocaLink has found that security fears and lack of trust in mobile technologies are the main barriers to mobile payment adoption.
  • For example, 40% said they didn’t want to store their card details in their phone, 35% said phones can be lost too easily and 32% said it’s simply not secure.
  • The VocaLink survey also shows that 31% of smartphone users are already using some form of mobile payment.
  • Looking at the type of payment methods being used, PayPal Mobile dominates the market (64%) followed by mobile banking apps (40%).
  • When paying for items through your mobile phone or tablet, what applications/functions do you use to do this?

Smartphone penetration to reach 50% by 2017

  • Global smartphone penetration is expected to be around 33% in 2013 and to pass 50% by 2017, according to eMarketer.
  • It evaluated more than 2,200 data points from more than 220 research sources to develop its estimates of mobile and smartphone usage and penetration.
  • Six countries saw smartphone penetration rates among mobile phone users rise above 50% for the first time during 2012.
  • These were South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Australia, the UK and the US. South Korea led the way with a 60% penetration rate.
  • Canada, Finland and the Netherlands are expected to pass a 50% penetration rate among mobile users in 2013.

Britons ready to pay for online content

  • An increasing proportion of UK consumers are prepared to pay to access high quality online content, according to KPMG.
  • A survey of more than 1,000 people found that over 50% felt that free content was one of the pluses of online media consumption. However, this figure was down on the 80% that had felt this way in 2009, indicating a significant shift in opinion.

Magazine publisher hopes to double digital revenues

  • Magazine publisher Future has said that it plans to generate at least half to its revenue from digital platforms in future.
  • Last week it announced a fall in operating profit, but digital revenues now make up a quarter (25%) of its total, up from 18% a year earlier.