Once again, I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting digital marketing stats I’ve seen this week.

Stats include the Netflix’s latest user data, the value of Nordic online spending habits, how tablets are changing e-commerce and how UK smartphone owners use their devices…

Big numbers for Netflix

  • Netflix revealed this week that its subscribers watched more than 1bn hours of content in June.
  • It suggests that this number is likely to increase over the next few months as new series of House of Cards and Arrested Development debut.
  • However its licensing agreements are expensive, so it is unclear whether Netflix will make or lose money on each of those hours.


  • A new report from logistics firm postnord shows that 40% of Nordic shoppers buy from foreign websites, with the UK being the most popular choice.
  • Overall the Nordic e-commerce market was worth €11bn in 2011, so it is a huge opportunity for UK sites.

  • Lack of availability is the main reason to seek products from foreign sites, followed by lower prices.

How tablets are changing e-commerce

  • 119m tablets will be sold in 2012 of which 70% will be iPads, according to data included in an infographic from Monetate.
  • The proliferation of tablets is changing the way people surf the web – tablets accounted for 1.66% of site visits in Q1 2011 compared to 6.52% in Q1 2012.
  • In response, e-commerce sites should ensure they use larger navigations and add-to-cart buttons, finger-friendly swiping and responsive web design.

Customer disservice

  • According to an American Express survey, 60% of Americans don’t think companies have sought to improve their customer service over the years.
  • The data is included in an infographic from drumbi, which also found that nearly 80% of consumers have quit in the middle of a transaction due to bad service, and a further 60% have lost their temper with a customer service representative.
  • And bad customer service means businesses risk losing out on sales – 70% of Americans said they would spend up to 13% more with a company that provides friendly and helpful customer service.

Wimbledon’s social champions

  • Evian has created more than double the buzz of its fellow Wimbledon sponsorsaccording to data from Brandwatch.
  • A combination of Sharapova’s Road to Wimbledon viral video and Evian’s Live Young VIP suite appearing to attract the largest number of celebrities for the first day earned it by far the highest spike in mentions for any brand sponsor. 
  • Sony is currently in second place, thanks largely to its SonyExperience at centre court and a timely video blog revealing its list of best live tennis mobile apps.

How are marketers integrating display with other channels?

  • Integrating display advertising with other online channels has a positive impact on conversions, though less than half of marketers are currently doing this, according to Econsultancy’s Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2012.
  • Marketers are most likely to be integrating on-site content management (44%) and search engine marketing (37%) with display advertising.
  • 28% are currently integrating display with social media marketing, though a further 44% are planning integration between these channels. 

Are you integrating display advertising with any of the following marketing disciplines?

Mobile web trumps call time

  • A study by O2 has found that UK smartphone owners spend more time using their devices to go online than they do making calls.
  • It found that smartphone owners spend an average of 24.8 minutes per day browsing the web, 17.5 minutes checking social network apps and 14.4 minutes paying games.
  • In contrast, the average user spends just 12.1 minutes making calls each day.

Lack of resources limits use of web analytics

  • On average, only 52% of web analytics expenditure is spent on internal staff, according to Econsultancy’s Online Measurement and Strategy Report.
  • This is despite 40% of companies in 2011 having planned to increase their budget on staff to analyse web data, which highlights that finding the right people is proving a difficult challenge.
  • According to the research, the lack of budget and resources was listed as one of the main barriers to an effective online measurement strategy, with 50% of respondents listing this as a problem.

How is your web analytics expenditure split between the following areas?

Mixed prospects for UK ad market

  • UK adspend levels, excluding direct mail, rose by 1.1% on an annual basis in the first quarter of 2012 to £3.5bn, according to research by AA and Warc.
  • However, in real terms, after accounting for inflation, figures fell by 2.3% year on year.
  • Internet revenues increased by an estimated 11.1% and the web saw its share of the market expand by 3.3% compared to Q1 2011, reaching 36.2% overall.
  • In contrast, print saw its revenues fall by 10%. As a consequence, this medium’s share of the market shrank by 3.1%, taking it to 25.2% of total spend.

Olympic viewers go digital

  • A new report from eMarketer predicts that around 1bn people will view London Olympic events, get updates and check results on a range of digital devices, such as tablets, PCs and smartphones.
  • Between 15% and 26% of internet users in France, Germany and the UK will watch at least some of the Games on a PC or tablet.