Here it is everyone, your weekly dose of interesting digital marketing stats.

I’ll admit that it’s not a vintage collection this week but there’s still some useful nuggets in there, including customer experience, outsourcing, digital skills and online privacy.

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A third of businesses outsource paid search and display

  • The new UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report published by Econsultancy and Latitude investigates which digital marketing activities are most commonly outsourced, with the results showing that three in 10 companies are conducting their paid search (30%) and display (28%) advertising entirely through an agency.
  • In contrast, three-quarters of companies handle their analytics (75%) and social media marketing (73%) in-house.

Do you carry out the following digital marketing activities in-house or via an agency?

Senior employees have greater digital knowledge

    • Preliminary results taken from the Econsultancy Digital Skills Index suggest that senior level employees have better digital knowledge than their juniors.
    • The average scores for each level of seniority were 67% for juniors, 72% for mid-levels and 74% for senior respondents.

Retailers and consumers suffer difference of opinion

  • Retailers and consumers have very different opinions of the customer experience offered by high street brands, according to a new study.
  • In a survey of 100 UK retail decision-makers and 500 consumers Vanson Bourne found that while retailers believe that overall they’re performing well – with 82% stating their organisation provides a good or extremely good customer experience – 72% of consumers confirmed they’ve encountered inconsistencies in their customer experience when using a retailer’s online and in-store channels.
  • One of the biggest gripes was about queuing – 59% rated long queues in store as one of their most annoying shopping frustrations.

Privacy is a thing of the past

  • A majority of consumers (80%) believe that privacy is a thing of the past and that there aren’t adequate safeguards (87%) to protect our personal information.
  • However the Accenture study also found that 64% of consumers welcome text messages from retailers when they are shopping in-store that alert them to offers matching their buying preferences.
  • And 49% wouldn’t object to having their buying behaviour tracked in order to receive relevant offers from brands.
  • The findings come from a survey of 2,012 consumers conducted in March and April 2014.

Ronaldo is the world’s most marketable footballer

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most marketable footballer, according to analysis by Repucom.
  • The research measured the perceptions of more than 6,500 people in 13 markets, then extrapolated the data to represent the views of more than 1.5bn people.
  • Ronaldo’s score of 79.49 put him top, followed by Lionel Messi with 75.87, Gerard Pique on 62.9 and (weirdly) Fernando Torres on 62.7.

People unaware of smart devices collecting their information

  • A new survey of UK consumers by TRUSTe has found that just under half (47%) of British internet users are aware that connected devices such as smart TVs, fitness apps and in-car navigation systems can collect data on their personal activities.
  • As is generally the case, a majority of people (84%) were concerned about the idea of personal information being collected by smart devices.

The Guardian launches sleek new apps

  • The Guardian this week launched excellent new responsive mobile apps on both iPhone and Android.
  • Okay, so that’s not really a stat but they’re definitely worth checking out.

Shock! UK consumers will use the internet during World Cup

  • You may be amazed to read this, but apparently UK consumers will use the internet and mobile devices to keep up-to-date with the World Cup this summer.
  • A survey of 1,878 people living in cities found that 53% will use smartphones to find out what was happening at the tournament, while 85% planned to use the internet to keep track of results.
  • Almost one in five (18%) people plan to watch full games online.

Small brands make inroads in European smartphone market

  • Data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows that smaller manufacturers are managing to make inroads into the European smartphone market.
  • Motorola and Sony are showing a resurgence, while newcomers such as Huawei and Wiko are establishing a growing presence.
  • For example, Chinese manufacturer Huawei saw the number of smartphones it sold jump 123% in the big five European markets over the past year. It now holds 3% share overall, rising to 5% in both the German and Spanish markets.

Mad marketing skills

Our recent Skills of the Modern Marketer report defines the skills that senior marketers are seeking for their team.

This infographic summarises the findings of the report, based on interviews and a survey with senior level marketers. Enjoy!