It’s with Bon Jovi’s ‘Bad Medicine’ still ringing in my ears from a night spent in a tiny room filled with Karaoke that I bring you this week’s ‘things we found on the internet that are great’ round-up.

Why the celebratory vocal-chord shredding on a week night? Because Thursday is the new Friday! 

Which makes Friday the new Saturday I guess. So if today’s Saturday that means I really should be watching cartoons and then heading off to Woolworths to buy cassingles instead of doing this.

Of course all of this makes little to no sense if you’re reading this on any other day than Friday. Anyway I’ve got approximately 20 minutes before Thundercats is on, so I’d better finish this quick.

Here’s the round-up.

Playing With a Different Sex

Arguments about gender-politics and the supposedly controversial use of the word ‘stupid’ aside, this Tumblr is a must-read if you’re in any way interested in music journalism as an art-form.

Here’s a brilliant response to the blog and a critical look at how female music journalism is perceived from Jezebel.

Good, but not great

Last week, Adam Buxton shared some Chinese DVD covers that chose the honest approach to pull-quotes.

Do you like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, Bill?

If you find Reddit’s AMAs a bit complicated to wade through, Interviewly has come to the rescue, by taking the most interesting interviews from Reddit, organising them and making them prettier.

I am a beam of light penetrating the maelstrom

Skeletor is having an existential crisis that only positively affirming memes can solve.

Straight down the middle

Here’s a great supercut of Wes Anderson’s perfectly symmetrical compositions. Because even when you’re a lost, broken soul in the midst of emptionally-removed family turmoil, at least you’ll look great.

Jump the shark

Scientifically prove how poor your most favourite TV shows have become in their later seasons with this graph generator from Graph TV.

How Hollywood has destroyed America

While LA tops the infections chart, New York steams ahead for giant monster attacks. Thankfully there’s only been one instance of Sharknado so far. Click below for the maps and stats.

Hey, David Moth, you should put this in your stats round-up.

“I can LEGO, with the flow…” 

It had to happen sooner or later. Click below for your favourite bands (if you’re an American male between the ages of 30-40 who primarily likes alternative rock from their college days) rendered in Lego

Walken dances

Because he can, and does, often.

That’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet are going to share a hot honey and lemon drink and take a long hard look in the mirror.

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