Following on from last year’s round up, I’ve gathered together ten more excellent infographics which show how mobile is changing the face of digital marketing. 

Topics covered include global usage trends, mobile search, mobile email, and the growth of mobile commerce. 

Where possible, I’ve added the infographics to this post in a readable size, but for others you can click on the image to see a larger version… 

Anatomy of the perfect mobile email (Litmus)

How mobile is changing the travel industry (My Destination)

Global mobile trends (via GetElastic)

The importance of mobile campaigns (

Mobile search for business (via onemobilemedia)

The future of mobile payments (SapientNitro)

Mobile email client market share (Litmus)

Mobile (and tablet) commerce in the US (Statista)

The role of mobile in news consumption (PBS)

Mobile search in your backyard (