Monitoring duplicate transactions

This one, suggested by Matt Clarke, finds duplicate transaction IDs which have been caused by incorrecy implementation of ecommerce tracking.

Google Analytics duplicate transactions

Monitoring duplicate transactions report

PPC Keyword/Matched Query Report

James Gurd suggested this one, which allows you to drill down to find out by source which keywords are driving traffic and segment by matched query type to see how targeting affects performance.

PPC Keyword/Matched Query Report

SEO reporting

Another one from James Gurd, which is a useful SEO reporting suite showing keywords, landing pages and ecommerce. 

SEO reporting suite

Content impact report

Very useful. This one shows page titles and then volume, value and engagement metrics to show the impact of different content. 

Content impact report

Ecommerce conversion report

Depesh Mandalia uses this one as his ’go-to’ report to identify issues and opportunities on ecommerce sites. 

According to Depesh: 

Tab one is about tracking keyword performance against sales to predominantly identify paid search opportunities. Tab two is about spotting high level conversion issues, breaking down by browser and version which I keep a regular eye on.

Tab three is a basic Device breakdown again more for trending/monitoring. Tab four (not relevant for all businesses) is a Country > City > Landing Page breakdown to spot trends and opportunities.

Finally Tab five is again for trend spotting, breaking Campaigns down to Year > Month > Day > hour in particular when running timed ads (eg TV) and other short-term marketing campaigns to understand impact on bottom line.

Ecommerce conversion report

404 report

This one from Peter Meinertzhagen requires a bit more effort, but should prove useful. 

The screenshot below shows what the report settings look like. According to Peter: 

You need to enter whatever title your 404 page uses in the “Page Title” filter. You’ll then get URL’s looking a little like this in the report: /404.html page=/pageonyourwebsite/&from=http://externalwebsitelinkingtowrongpage/

It’s great for catching inbound links that are returning 404’s.

AdSense campaign report

Thanks to James Hart for this one, which monitors AdSense campaigns. 

(We don’t use AdSense so a screenshot seems pointless).

AdSense report

Content marketing dashboard

This, from the Spinnakr blog, is a useful content marketing dashboard which displays a number of useful content metrics for an at-a-glance view.

It’s worth checking out the blog post for instructions on how to use it effectively. 

Content marketing dashboard

SEO goal breakdown report

This, from Dinkum Interactive, looks at various SEO metrics: 

SEO goal breakdown report

Filter inquisitive traffic

This is not a custom report, but a very useful custom advanced segment, from Paul Gailey Alburquerque.

It filters out inquisitive traffic which contains the words ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘why’ etc and shows the related landing pages.  

Google Analytics advance segment

Filter inquisitive traffic


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