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21% of major CX failures happen before a customer even buys

New global research from SDL has revealed insights into customer experience failures from the past decade.

The findings show that it doesn’t take much for a failure to take place. In fact, 24% of “horrible” failures required less than an hour’s time and less than the cost of lunch to navigate, and in the US this jumps to 32%.

Other highlights include:

  • When things go wrong, customers place blame on people, whether it is warranted or not, four out of five blame people for CX failures
  • 16% of major CX failures happen during the shopping journey, or “at the register”
  • More than 40% of consumers’ “worst CX experiences” have occurred in digital industries, including communications, electronics and online retail

Here is SDL’s infographic on the research. Click for larger version.

Whatsapp, Meerkat & Periscope among top investment priorities for marketers in 2015

Greenlight has revealed which technologies are seen as overhyped and which are ripe for investment, after commissioning a survey of 100 senior marketers.

  • Wearables and smart watches are viewed as the most overhyped technology of 2015 (with 70% of marketers thinking these devices are more hype than substance
  • 2015 is fast-becoming the year of live-streaming, with one in five (19%) marketers planning to use apps like Periscope and Meerkat in campaigns
  • However, with apps like Periscope and Meerkat caught in a cutthroat battle for users, marketers fear backing the wrong horse, with one in ten (12%) having made this costly mistake before 

62% of marketers use programmatic for brand campaigns

Almost two-thirds of marketers (62%) are using programmatic advertising for brand campaigns as opposed to direct response, according to the findings from our new Programmatic Branding Report.

So what are the perceived benefits of using programmatic for branding campaigns? 

Our respondents identified efficiency, reduced ad costs and improved targeting as the key benefits…

40% of voters considered switching prior to the General Election

New research from GlobalWebIndex shows that 40% of voters considered switching parties before the general election and 17% decided who they were going to vote for on the day.

Other findings include: 

  • More than 70% didn’t look at social networks for information on the election
  • Conservative voters were the least comfortable in sharing their voting preference. Just 35.7% said they were very comfortable revealing their voting intention compared to 48% for Labour and 51% for UKIP
  • Just 31% felt Ed Miliband had the best campaign, whereas 41% of Labour voters felt that Nicola Sturgeon did the best
  • Only 20% of Lib Dem voters felt Nick Clegg ran the best campaign
  • The groups most likely to have switched to the Conservatives in the last week of the campaign were: older, married & from London/South of England

UK’s audience data expenditure rises 39%

New research from Eyeota looks at the global trends in audience data expenditure, including stats on how the automotive industry is the fastest growing spender with an increase to 77% and how Germany is the country showing the largest rise in spending (52%). 

Click below for a larger view.

Non-marketing stat of the week 

The number of hairs in an average eyebrow is 450. You may quadruple that figure if your last name is Gallagher.

Amazon tops poll of useful UK brands 

New research from 383 has found that Amazon is seen as the most useful brand to UK digital lives, with the BBC the only traditionally non-digital brand to make the top five.

The research, which polled 2,300 UK adults, found that: 

  • Amazon was the most useful brand, with more than half of respondents saying they found them useful
  • The BBC was the only traditionally non-tech brand in the top five
  • The next best performing ‘traditional’ brand was Marks & Spencer, although they still were only found to be useful by 8% of respondents

One in four online minutes are spent on social media

GlobalWebIndex has revealed the latest figures for social networking behaviours. One of the stand out stats from the report shows that one in four online minutes are being spent on social media, driven by the rise in mobile and tablet usage. 

This raises questions about the need we now have to remain constantly connected to our social networks, especially considering that the average number of social profiles owned now numbers five per person. 

Further notable stats from the report reveal:

  • Teens are 3.5x more likely than the average to be on Snapchat
  • YouTube is the “coolest” platform among teens 
  • Only 14% would say Facebook

Fashion bloggers are making and breaking brands

Fashion Bloggers such as Man Repeller and The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni are more influential on Twitter than the likes of Taylor Swift, who was recently named in Forbes 2015 The World’s 100 Most Powerful Woman.

After a comparative analysis, SocialBro discovered that top fashion bloggers can have more influence on buyers than celebrities and even rival established fashion media titles such as Vogue. 

Here’s a speculative look at how a blogger partnership could help brandsm based on the fact that 2015’s most influential fashion blogger set to earn $9 million in revenue this year:

  • A partnership with Man Repeller could expand River Island’s fashion audience by 223%
  • Armani could expand their online audience by 25% with a blogger partnership

eBay’s festival search trends

eBay has revealed that its shoppers spend their May pay packet on wellies and camping equipment in preparation for festival season.

Trends include: 

  • A 40% spike in searches for “wellies” and a quarter increase in searches for “waterproof” in this week last year
  • Searches for “festival” peak in the final days before events such as Glastonbury, as shoppers who have already bought the essentials look for last minute inspiration 
  • Last minute weather forecasts have a big impact, a forecast for rain in the days before Reading and Leeds festival last year saw “wellies” and “waterproof” shoot up by 26% and 22%, respectively

Non-marketing infographic of the week

Ever wondered about the healing powers of cat purrs? No? You surprise me. I nearly wasn’t going to include this infographic as I felt that all the information contained was already well known, but being as you said no, this one is just for you…

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