1. Activia: Shakira – La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown – 4,546,532 shares

The unofficial anthem of the 2014 World Cup. Which is a little easier on the ears then Ian Wright’s hysterical nationalism.

2. 20th Century Fox: Devil’s Due – Devil Baby Attack – 2,118,634

The trend of prankvertising shows no abatement. At least when it comes to advertising a less than mediocre horror movie. I would be confident in suggesting that far more people have watched this than have seen… uh… what’s it called again? 

3. Budweiser: Puppy Love – 1,940,181

Come back next week for the director’s cut version where the relationship between the horse and the puppy becomes increasingly co-dependent leading to years of animosity and bitter resentment.

4. Cardstore: World’s Toughest Job – 1,838,468

Spoiler alert: it’s not oil rig worker.

5. Wren: First Kiss – 1,511,985

I prefer this one… First slap.

6. Nike Football: Winner Stays – 1,239,961

Nike has thrashed official sponsor Adidas with its ads, just like how Argentina/Germany thrashed Argentina/Germany in the final (must remember to delete where appropriate after the weekend).

7. Thai Life Insurance: Unsung Hero – 1,120,255

Really makes you think you should probably be doing something much more selfless with your life. Oh well, there’s some rally cars up next.

8. Castrol: Castrol Footkhana – 1,014,759

Mmm… donuts.

9. Nike Football: The Last Game – 927,633

I would make another football related pun, but I’ve used them all up already

10. Save the Children: Most Shocking Second a Day Video – 910,559

And finally, presented without comment as it profoundly speaks for itself.