Now seems an appropriate time to see which ads have generated the most amount of shares so far in 2014, what with it being past the half-way mark now. 

In not all that unsurprising news, four of the ads are related to the World Cup, although it will be interesting to see whether any of these make it to the end of year list due to their short shelf life. After all, only one video remains in the top 10 after the Super Bowl in February.

It’s also notable to point out that of the World Cup videos, only one of them is from an actual sponsor. In fact 71% of online shares for World Cup ads have come from non-sponsors.

Here’s the top 10, which is as varied as it is impossible to predict. Thank you to Unruly for the numbers.

1. Activia: Shakira – La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown – 4,546,532 shares

The unofficial anthem of the 2014 World Cup. Which is a little easier on the ears then Ian Wright’s hysterical nationalism.

2. 20th Century Fox: Devil’s Due – Devil Baby Attack – 2,118,634

The trend of prankvertising shows no abatement. At least when it comes to advertising a less than mediocre horror movie. I would be confident in suggesting that far more people have watched this than have seen… uh… what’s it called again? 

3. Budweiser: Puppy Love – 1,940,181

Come back next week for the director’s cut version where the relationship between the horse and the puppy becomes increasingly co-dependent leading to years of animosity and bitter resentment.

4. Cardstore: World’s Toughest Job – 1,838,468

Spoiler alert: it’s not oil rig worker.

5. Wren: First Kiss – 1,511,985

I prefer this one… First slap.

6. Nike Football: Winner Stays – 1,239,961

Nike has thrashed official sponsor Adidas with its ads, just like how Argentina/Germany thrashed Argentina/Germany in the final (must remember to delete where appropriate after the weekend).

7. Thai Life Insurance: Unsung Hero – 1,120,255

Really makes you think you should probably be doing something much more selfless with your life. Oh well, there’s some rally cars up next.

8. Castrol: Castrol Footkhana – 1,014,759

Mmm… donuts.

9. Nike Football: The Last Game – 927,633

I would make another football related pun, but I’ve used them all up already

10. Save the Children: Most Shocking Second a Day Video – 910,559

And finally, presented without comment as it profoundly speaks for itself.