Activia – 1.3m shares

It’s the World Cup anthem ‘La La La’ as sung by the seemingly ageless Shakira and sponsored by Activia. It rates somewhere in the middle between ‘World in Motion’ and Kasabian’s cover of ‘Heroes’.

In just a week it’s managed to rack up a phenomenal 64m. Inspirational stuff from the Colombian centre-forward.

Nike – 1m shares

Up until last week, ‘Winner Stays’ was the most shared football ad, racking up 71m views since its launch on 25 April. However perhaps as it’s widely televised and doesn’t feature Shakira dancing all over it, its defence was easily unraveled.

Castrol – 728,768 shares

Castrol set its stall out early doors, this video appeared 22 April. ‘Footkhana’ sees World Cup star Neymar Jr. and his freestyle team take on Gymkhana (apparently not the equestrian kind) star Ken Block. It’s an early contender for goal of the season and the highest placing entry for a World Cup sponsor.

Samsung 463,235 shares

Samsung’s high-budget, narrative driven, star-led series of commercials for its Galaxy 11 have led to the first of a hat-trick for the non-sponsor with the cultured left-foot.

Samsung 396,389 shares

Mere seconds before half-time, a second volley gives Samsung a comfortable lead.

Emirates 281,735 shares

Only the second of three sponsors to feature in the top 10, Emirates makes a strong play early in the second half and prove that there is still all to play for.

Samsung 159,995 shares

A hat-trick that cements Samsung as a formidable talent. It must be literally over the moon.

Nike 137,774 shares

The second of three ads from Nike to appear in the top 10. It’s interesting to note that Nike isn’t a sponsor of the World Cup, yet completely dominates the share of the spoils. Barring any potential banana skin, this will be an easy victory.

Nike 134,629 shares

Nike leads by Samsung’s example and scores a compelling header to tie the game at three-all. The Americans have got to start turning these draws into wins at the end of the day.

Coca-Cola 117,784 shares

World cup sponsor Coca-Cola has dropped from fourth place to tenth. I’m sure the manager will have a lot to discuss post game. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room.

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