Here on the blog we insist that if you’re running an ecommerce site, you must get the basics right.

If you’re not testing, collecting and analysing data, and iterating your site so it provides the best customer experience possible, then your business will disappear into a fug of mediocrity.

Make the UX of your site as easy to use and customer-focused as possible. That’s the very basic necessity.

However that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. 

The examples below feature some clever ways in which retailers have added a little innovative touch to their ecommerce sites. Some will certainly not be right for you, but all of them may hopefully inspire you to think a little bit differently.

The New Mini

Learn absolutely everything you could ever possibly want to know about a car with this one-page, scrolling dissection of the new Mini hatchback. 


There are none more niche than Baked/Roast, a furniture maker that creates its wears from skateboards.

When you only have a handful of products, you can go to town on your product pages, especially if the item in question needs a lot more detail than your standard fare. Like a desk made built using a handcrafted skateboard. 

Baked/Roast’s product pages are large, scrolling affairs full of detail, images, various carousels and a suitably evocative piece of embedded video that plays automatically.

The Alkemistry

The US based luxury jewelers takes an alternative approach to personalization.

The Alkemistry will read your astrological chart and based on your “zodiac vibration” recommend you some complementary £200 charm bracelets.


The Canadian furniture company uses lots of videos in its product pages and these are especially handy when highlighting the versatility of its more innovative products.


Endlessly customise your choice of Swiss watch with this interactive watch creator tool…

You can also save multiple designs just in case create more than one instant classic.

Jack Jones

Take a tour around the ‘Jeans Intelligence Studio Area’ where you can see exactly how and where Jack Jones jeans are made. This is a nicely detailed, interesting journey with lots of strong images.


Learn how to drink green tea properly with this multimedia guide to the Matcha ritual.


This landing page demonstrates the functionality of the Crayola AR app beautifully. It’s a parallax scrolling 3D gem.

Two Socks

A neat filtering idea. Pick a category based on your personality type. 

FYI, these are the socks of a megalomaniac… 

Hard Graft 

The homepage of this UK based leather goods store is essentially its product results page, and by goodness it’s all the more beautiful for it.

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