Here are some of the finest branded Instagram videos from February 2014, or Instavids as nobody in their right mind calls them.

Last week I discussed the future of Instagram video and Vine in the post has Instagram really killed Vine?

It seems that since the introduction of Instagram’s 15 second video capability, brands and regular users alike have begun to ignore Vine in favour of a social media platform they were already signed up to anyway.

I round-up the best branded Vines on a monthly basis (here are the best branded Vines of February) and I personally feel that there’s still massive potential for the only one-year old Vine when it comes to improving brand perception and connection. 

So what separates Vine from Instagram video apart from the obvious technical differences? Perhaps by looking at these examples of Instagram videos from brands we’ll be able to understand how each platform can exist side-by-side whilst remaining different enough to be worthy of separate time and investment.


Converse does stellar work on Instagram and this introduction of its #chuckhack initiative. Check out more brilliant examples of how Converse uses social media here.


An excellent way to utilize 15 seconds of footage: the top 10 slam dunks of February. Pure dunking action with none of the dribble.


Coca-Cola makes excellent Vines. Coca-Cola also makes excellent Instagram videos. 

Using the longer format and Instagram’s editing tools Coca-Cola has made an involving, well crafted, yet still low-budget and appealing mini video.

Mercedes Benz

A great example of Instagram’s suitability for capturing longer takes in order to invoke drama and suspense.


Oreo has cornered the market in stop-motion paper plate animation. If you wish to give it a go yourself, you’d better prepare for a day in court.


GoPro has a dazzling YouTube strategy, although YouTube isn’t the only place it posts breathtaking videos.

Ralph Lauren

Nobody’s going to go broke animating a little teddy bear getting dressed, that’s for sure.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Thankfully Twentieth Century Fox has learnt its lesson from the brain-blisteringly incomprehensible Vine it made for The Wolverine in 2013, and produced this comparatively languid teaser trailer for the upcoming X-Men sequel.

BBC News

BBC News has recently begun trialing bitesize news reports on Instagram and here is it’s poignant tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman.


Cadbury is a little hit and miss when it comes to Instagram video, however it’s nice that it uses such a low-fi aesthetic. Plus this has given me a good insight into how I’ll be gaining a few pounds over Easter.

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