Last month I made some fairly bold claims about Vine losing its edge.

This was a piece possibly born more of frustration more than anything else. The popularity of Vine is waning on the blog, and it feels like branded Vines are being eclipsed by Instagram videos both creatively and in shareabilty.

However, let’s pull back from the brink somewhat and look at things from a more optimistic angle. 

After the article was published, a few of my Twitter friends, who are professional Viners themselves, pointed out a couple of brilliant new branded Vines in an effort to restore my faith. 

These were in fact some of the best Vines I’ve ever seen, and I’ll showcase them right here.

I’ve also decided to strip this round-up right down, to only let the very, very best examples in, even if that means only highlighting a handful every month.

Luckily in April there were 10.


There is no finer brand on Vine. The quality of its animation is beautiful, the creativity behind its ideas boundless and most importantly each of its Vines serves a useful function.


Well played Dominos, this is possibly its finest hour and one of the few April Fools’ pranks worth sharing. Imagine a world with driverless, pizza delivery drones. It’s easy if you try.


In a world of stop motion of varying degrees of quality, it’s nice to see some genuine practical creativity using real props, production design and brief nudity.

Adidas UK

With every sports brand creating Vines full of complicated trick-shots with obvious digital trickery, its refreshing to see something so stripped back basic, yet gobsmackingly impressive

Disney Parks

Here Disney uses a few post production effects to a charming effect in this neat little Vine.

You’re not Indiana Jones! The real Indiana Jones is at least four decades older.


Just to prove you don’t need consummate stop motion skills and endless hours to create the illusion of animation. Here movement is created with editing, dramatic and clever camera angles.


It would be impossible to describe it, and if you heard the phrase ‘self stirring’ mug you wouldn’t believe it. This is why retailers should use Vine…

Sony Xperia GB

I just thought this was bizarre, but worth sharing nonetheless. Make lasers come out of your friend’s eyes with the Xperia AR effect.


This is really impressive when you find out this is entirely made using paper cut-outs. Like the first episode of South Park but with a bit less swearing.


Let’s end with another April Fool.

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