Customer reviews can be incredibly influential in making or breaking a product. In the past six years or so reviews have been embraced by many e-commerce sites, to help engender trust.

Sometimes customers leave tongue in cheek reviews, and given that it’s April Fools’ Day I thought I’d compile 10 of the best from Amazon. 

If you’re having a slack Friday afternoon then do check out the rest of the reviews on these product pages… 

Tuscan Whole Milk

This product also has some amusing product images submitted by customers, and more than 1,250 customer reviews, many of which are highly droll. 

Uranium Ore

Turns out that you really can buy anything and everything on Amazon, including ‘Uranium Ore‘.

The Complete National Geographic

A DVD ROM that runs on Adobe AIR and is essentially a collection of page scans (every page from 1,400 issues). Some folks suggest that the user interface isn’t so hot…

The Mountain Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

An oldie but a goodie. Lose yourself for an hour in these marvellous customer reviews. It’s worth pointing out that sales of the t-shirt soared as a result of the near-2,000 gently humorous reviews. 

Inflatable Toast

This product does what it says on the tin. 

AudioQuest K2 Terminated Speaker Cable

At a mere $8,450, these cables are perfect for killing supernatural beasts, according to the following review…

3M Performance Plus Nuclear Duct Tape

Ideal for applications in the shipbuilding, nuclear power plant and stainless steel industries.

Electronic Yodelling Pickle

I mean seriously, who on earth dreamt up this product? Can you imagine the brainstorming meeting? Has capitalism gone too far?

Squirrel Underpants

Ok, brace: “Squirrel Briefs For squirrely lawyers? No, that would be stupid. These are genuine squirrel underpants. Nothing salacious, just your standard white cotton jockey-type drawers with an elastic waist. These are XXXXS, with a 9″ waist, but for squirrels they’re pretty much one-size-fits-all. (Will also fit most guinea pigs but are probably over-sized for the average gerbil.)”

Fresh Whole Rabbit

“Excellent with mustard sauce or slowly stewed with onions,” suggests the product description. Let’s see what the customers have to say:

Have you seen any others?