The opening statistic comes from Unruly’s latest research on Instagram. Here’s some more interesting stats found within the survey…

  • The most shared brand on Instavid is MTV, with 84 videos in the top 1,000, accruing 134,110 shares.
  • The most popular channels are Entertainment and Clothing brands.
  • Nine out of ten Instavid shares occurred on Facebook.
  • Peanuts’ Snoopygram was the most shared Instavid, racking up 26,962 shares, followed by EA Sports’ FIFA 14 with 16,499 shares.
  • Justin Bieber is responsible for 14 of the top 20 most shared Instavids. Three of which generated a combined 522,029 shares.

Let’s take a look at the top ten branded Instavids…


MTV’s most shared videos come from the MTV News ‘need to know’ strand. This particular Instavid reveals the five new album releases due out soon that MTV viewers are most likely to want.

This along with the #NeedtoKnow hashtag means MTV is covering all social bases. Other ‘need to know’ videos include film release dates and important pop culture dates for your diary. Lil Wayne’s birthday etc…


This is what the 15 second long format was made for: behind the scenes glimpses, captured documentary style, of a world you wouldn’t normally see.

Here’s footage of Oklahoma City Thunder practicing before a game, achieving 36,000 likes.


Or to be more exact, Snoopygrams. As stated earlier, Peanuts is the most shared brand on Instavid, amassing 26,962 shares.

Perhaps it hits exactly the right mixture of cuteness, cynicism and nostalgia. Good grief!


GoPro’s gorgeous footage of an encounter with a friendly whale hit a massive 95,000 likes. This brand also notably manages to sneak in a quick advert at the end of the Instavid and a mention of its website.

GoPro’s Instavid seems to be the most obvious example of product marketing in the top 10.

Miami Heat

Every team in the NBA has their own Instagram account, but Miami Heat is the most shared.

This disarming behind the scenes footage shows Dwayne Wade choosing his correct ring size.


Wendy’s is the most shared food brand on Instavid. This is a witty, delicately constructed video, that conveys a simple message, but utilises the length of Instavid and some judicial editing to great effect.


Topshop is the only UK brand to feature in the top 10. How did it manage this coup? Oh, hello Harry Styles from One Direction.

Never underestimate the power of a teen sensation.


An excellently shot and fluid example of Instavid at its finest. Great filters, consistent editing and simple message delivered attractively.


USA family television channel ABC has a wealth of programming to tease and trail, but here ABC has used Instavid for good and produced an anti-bullying campaign with ‘America’s hottest new star’. (Nope, me neither.)

HBO: Girls

The subscription cable channel responsible for The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire has seen its most divisive show, Girls, become the 10th most shared brand on Instavid. This Instavid trails some sneak preview shots of its 2014 season.