What makes a good online media planner?

Planning an online PR campaign doesn’t necessarily require the same skills as a paid search one, or developing a social media strategy may not need the same proficiencies as that of an email one. 

However, I’m beginning to think that lateralisation is of major importance. Without becoming too technical, this is the concept of the functions between the left and right hemispheres of the brain: The left side is associated with analysis and logic, the right with creativity and context. 

Using both sides of the brain is a major element to successful digital planning, especially given that there is a growing importance to understand how best to influence and engage users, whilst simultaneously being calculating and analytical. 

That’s not to say either/or doesn’t have a place – I’m conscious that both the objectives and channels used have a bearing on this – but from a general perspective, the best of both will likely be more beneficial. 

Below, I’ve dug out some thought-provoking presentations which I think help to support my current wobbly line of thinking around this. They’re also great in helping to isolate and understand any planning or strategic activity, from objective through to execution. 

I’m sure this might kick off a decent debate, so I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, if you have any. 

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[Image credit: khalid Albaih]