Sign-up bonuses

Companies that incentivise registration do so mostly with cash offers. These appeal more to novice casino customers who might otherwise be deterred by offers requiring a specific stake term. 

Here are some examples of sign-up bonuses. 

Ensure that customers are not using different sign-up details to get the same offer multiple times. This can seriously harm or skew your ROI. Combat this with a particularly stringent customer data verification system. Although do remember to keep it user friendly.

Change the offer according to the acquisition channel, by experimenting and testing different sign-up bonus offers. This can help lower your overall costs per acquisition and improve overall performance.


Timing is fundamental to all multichannel mobile casino providers in terms of promotion strategy. When is the best time to promote in other channels when a customer’s attention is most likely to drift elsewhere? 

Research indicates for instance that betting customers are more likely to take up a casino offer after a large sports event rather than during. Cross-selling is extremely important, both in terms of navigating from sports to casino gaming and from desktop to mobile. 

Mobile has a presence on nearly every provider’s desktop site. Mobile should be included in all cross-channel navigation, clearly linking to a dedicated mobile page, which includes all available mobile channel products, platform availability and information on how to download.

Send mobile-specific communications when your customers are most likely to be using their mobile devices. Mobile is predominantly used in the morning when commuting, tablets tend to be used more in the evening. Time your device-specific promotional messages accordingly.

Mobile friendly email marketing

Email is a fundamental part of marketing strategy for casino providers, with nearly half of all emails being opened on smartphones. Therefore it’s crucial that these emails are optimised specifically for mobile or have a responsive design. 

Emails need to be legible, single column, with a concise message and clear call-to-actions. Landing pages also need to be mobile friendly.

Push notifications

Push notifications can be an effective and immediate way of grabbing a user’s attention as they offer a direct link to a customer’s home screen.

However they can also be overdone. It’s very easy for irritated smartphone users to turn off push notifications or, if they’re really bored by them, delete your app all together.

Timing is key to success here. Choose to use push notifications when your customers are most receptive to mobile gaming, for example after sports events or while commuting. Time-sensitive offers can also increase game play. 

For much more detailed advice on mobile casinos and marketing, as well as UX and technology, see our Improving Mobile Casino Performance report.