Here it is, our revised weekly roundup which includes the silliest things in digital.

It’s a barnstormer this week and not for the fainthearted…

Design Week took a trip to the Museum of Failure

Newly opened in Sweden, housing gems such as the Colgate Lasagne and techy memento mori such as a Blockbuster DVD cabinet and a Kodak digital camera.

Click through in the tweet below to read the interview.

Drunk droning (not the sort your mate does)

A wonderful piece in The Verge about a $1,000 drone lost at sea by a drunkard. Here are the poetic closing lines:

“It was then that I understood those stories of people driving off cliffs while blithely following the instructions of their GPS navigators. I’m also reminded of Arthur C. Clarke’s adage that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

“I watched an intelligent man do something incredibly moronic after becoming awestruck by an advanced technology. He was drunk; impaired by the gin but intoxicated by a magic he didn’t understand, yet trusted beyond reason.

“It’s a fatal elixir of blind faith in technology that will only become more potent, I fear, with the advances still to come.”

Catch it, buy it

Wheelys is a Swedish startup that has already tested automated stores in Shanghai that need no cashiers. The next step is Moby Mart. Check out the video – it’s very….Blade Runner.

I didn’t quite understand it, but…

…here’s marketing professor Mark Ritson writing about the girth of his penis. Dare you click?

Pig wrangling AI

The problem with AI is that it’s not particularly good at communication, social intelligence, or anticipating and interpreting another intelligent agent’s intentions.

Microsoft is addressing this, and has done through a competition to see who could design and AI agent capable of wrangling a pig, either alone or with other agents.

The contest happened inside a version of Minecraft called Project Malmo, and was won by a team from the University of Oxford. They used reinforcement learning to give their agents a positive reinforcement whenever they successfully worked together to grab the pig.

More from the excellent MIT Tech Review.

minecraft pig

Social VR in the rec room

Rachel Metz reports again for MIT Technology Review on social VR applications where you can virtually hang out.

The article includes the immortal line – “Even if you’re just … throwing darts into other people’s faces, you’ve kind of got a reason to be there.”

A marimba-playing robot

Deep Shimon is a marimba-playing robot with four arms and eight sticks that has written and played two compositions using deep learning at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

5,000 songs — from Beethoven to the Beatles — were ingested alongside more than two million motifs. Here are the results…

Old Twitter app had square profile pics, new app has round ones

Cue ‘old Twitter vs. new Twitter’…

A Swedish Da Vinci

Eight minutes of flight on a homemade quadcopter from an unnamed Swede that has been working on the concept for years.