We’re sick of rounding up serious digital news, so we’ve decided to concentrate on the fun stuff for this weekly digest.

Get stuck in…

$15,000 Apple kicks

Yep. Heritage Auctions is auctioning off a pair of vintage Apple trainers/sneakers with guide price of $15,000.

The shoe was made for Apple employees in the early 1990s and are a real rarity. The auction will begin on eBay on June 11 with bidding expected to hit double the estimate. More from TNW.

apple trainers

Crap photoshop of the week

You may remember Ikea coming under fire for something similar to this in 2012. Yep, we’re talking photoshop and Saudi Arabia, where sharia law forbids the public depiction of women.

This example has added comic value (if you can see the funny side), with hardware retailer Saco poorly photoshopping a woman out of a paddling pool, using a Winnie the Pool ball to take her place. The original shot was from manufacturer Intex.

Check out the before and after.





Amazon 503!!!

Amazon product pages were serving 503 errors in North America on Wednesday. A rarity to say the least – which is a shame given Amazon error pages introduce us to one of their lovely workplace dogs.

True heroes of the British election

Once people got over Thursday’s election fever in the UK, as Labour produced a stunning comeback to leave a hung parliament, social media users began to realise who the real heroes of the election were.

Yes, comedy candidates were out in force, with the British wondering what anybody else would make of it. The finest examples were Lord Buckethead, who stood against Theresa May, and Mr Fish Finger, who stood against Tim Farron.

Lord Buckethead

Mr Fish Finger

It’s also worthwhile including some of the best memes from the election. My favourites included this Stormzy parody, featuring prose poetry from MC Corbyn:

Elsewhere, Cassetteboy was on form… 

And it seems print creative is still appreciated, with much fly posting across London including some really impactful designs, such as this Run DMC-inspired poster.

Free Brewdog beer for every voter

Brewdog tried an innovative bit of PR, offering a free pint of punk IPA to any Brit who voted.

All you had to do was take a selfie outside the polling booth and then waltz into a UK Brewdog pub and show the bar staff.

The brand’s website declared, ”We don’t claim to be affiliated with any one political persuasion, and to be honest we don’t care who you vote for but we do believe it is important that everyone exercises their right to vote in the UK’s upcoming General Election.”

Here here.

Pointless Apple product alert

The Verge aptly described the ‘Pencil Case’, used to keep your Apple stylus safe, the ‘most Apple product ever’. Quite.

apple pencil case

Domino’s starts pizza-movie nights on Facebook

Domino’s will be streaming Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on Sunday via its facebook page, as the first of its “Facebook Live Movie Nights”.

Apparently there will be pizza discount codes on offer, as well, with the number of viewers corresponding the the size of the discount.

Robotic ‘origami’ furniture

Ori Systems will kit out your apartment with transformer furniture that saves space by lumping together a bed, desk, wardrobe and storage, which then unfolds upon voice command.

It’s a collaboration between Fuseproject’s Yves Béhar and MIT Media Lab, and will set you back $10,000 if you can get your hands on one.

Walmart ‘Fresh’

Walmart is testing a new service much like Amazon Fresh’s pickup trial in Seattle (which hasn’t been reviewed very favourably).

Walmarts automated kiosk is in Oklahoma City and is open 24-hours a day for customers to pickup their online order.

More from The Verge.


Cameras strapped to elephants

Lastly, Wall Street Journal details how in less accessible parts of the world, Google Street View has strapped cameras to elephants and camels, among other beast, to get the shots they need.

Hi-tech indeed.