Hi everybody, and welcome to Econsultancy’s anti-format.

Yep, this is the exceptional post that proves the rule all Econsultancy blog posts are invaluable.

Only 10 things this week, but I think you’ll agree the quality is high. In the space of mere seconds I laughed, cried and composed a dead march for our mutual friend, culture.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

Usability review of the week

iPhone5s vs. Peppa Pig Phone.

Click the picture to read this scientifically rigorous investigation.

Niche URL of the week

One for footie fans.


Alternative toasties of the week

Click to explore these Godly creations.

Cringe of the week

Barista takes video selfie doing ‘Drake hands’, trying to impress a woman. She duly shared it with the world.

This man is a hero or satan.

Sea-worthy political statement of the week

David Cerny, take a bow. This is majestic.

Tumblr of the week


Click to cringe.

Classic look-a-likes of the week

Another from the brilliant b3ta.com. Click to enjoy a bit of culture.


Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

Left by ‘abermprurce’ on ‘How banks are using social media’:

Several more mature type living rooms have got neon pontoons included.

Wine Society copywriting of the week

The most eloquent purveyors of plonk this week describe a beaujolais as such:

Scented, ripe, long and bracing enough to match rich charcuterie.

Andrew Warren-Payne Quote of the week

This week’s best utterance from Econsultancy’s most English of analysts, Andrew Warren-Payne.

Oh, there’s also some unfinished business here. I’ll explain:

All of which has led to this: