Most of the digital professionals I know need to create at least one slideshow a year, whether for an internal meeting, a client briefing or a conference talk.

All too often I see slideshows that contain great content and ideas, but sometimes the slides are cluttered and confusing, or worse, boring. 

Thankfully help is at hand, to enable you to create wonderful slides in 2012.

The best presentations seem to have the following in common:

  • Minimal text
  • Attractive font choices
  • Big and bold typography
  • Smart use of icons
  • Pictures and background textures
  • A zero tolerance to typos
  • 10 slides or less
  • A focus on presenting key messages with clarity
  • Lots of takeaways
  • A little humour

All of the above helps to leave an impression that lives long in the memory.

There are plenty of other ways to help you optimise your slides. I’ve compiled a bunch slideshows on how to create standout slideshows. That’s very meta, I know, but hey, the medium is the message…

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Do you have any other tips that work well? Please share them below in the comments section.

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