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Google’s new email app Inbox hides all of your folders in a hamburger menu top left…

The navigation then slides across as if it were off-screen…


In an already elegant, minimalist site, the navigation is also hidden off-screen behind a hamburger menu on the top right.


Since The Guardian’s site redesign earlier in the year, most of the navigation has been hidden behind this always-accessible hamburger menu…

Revealing a wider world of categories and sub-categories.

Marketing Week

Our sister brand hides its navigation ‘behind’ the right hand side of the page.

Awesome Shop

Target’s ecommerce store powered entirely by Pinterest has all of its product filters sliding in smoothly from the left hand side.

House of Fraser

You can browse by shop or department on the top navigation bar, each menu appearing as you hover each hamburger.


The Spotify web player has all sorts of interesting navigation elements, including this hidden search tool, which overlaps the current  navigation options.


Mondo has a beautiful responsive site, which lets images of its products do all the talking. Its navigation is hidden under the simple ‘shop’ text.


Further navigation beyond notifications is hidden in a menu accessed from the skinny nav-bar behind a thumbnail of your profile picture.


The slightly-mightier-than-micro blogging site hides its navigation in a similar way to Twitter, behind your little profile picture.

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