This week’s statistical roundup includes the most-watched video on Facebook Live, news from Google, summer travel trends and a whole host more.

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Now, on with the show!

Mobiles provide the most emotionally engaging moments

According to a study by Yahoo, 50% of ‘seamless moments’ occur on mobile.

This term refers to when a user’s situation and context is combined with an emotional connection, resulting in an all-round emotive experience.

The research also found that television and mobile phones are the only screens where consumers welcome engagement from brands while relaxing. 

Football fans to spend 1.7m hours reading about Champions League final

Ahead of the European Champions League final this Saturday, Teads has revealed that fans will spend a combined 1.7m hours reading about the match.

With an average of 40 minutes before the game and 30 minutes after, this means fans will dedicate almost as much time to reading as watching the actual game.

Google confirm ‘trillions’ of searches per day

Despite not giving away the exact figure, Google has announced that trillions of searches happen on its site every day.

It is not known how many searches exactly, yet by using the plural, we can assume that this means at least two trillion.

Thanks for the vaguest stat ever, Google.

Opportunities for retailers to win back shoppers

Research from Connexity has revealed that 53% of shoppers who abandon baskets at the checkout tend to return at a later date.

For those aged 18 to 35, the main reason for abandonment is said to be high cost.

However, the biggest reason cited overall is a lack of reassurance that the product will meet the consumer’s needs.

With brand loyalty higher than expected, it’s good news for retailers trying to win back lost customers. 

Online travel spend predicted to grow 6.8%

Research from Adobe has revealed that online travel spend for flights and hotels in Europe will total €67bn this summer.

With travellers paying €85.97 to get to the cheapest destinations, the UK has the highest average flight prices of all.

Ireland, Slovakia and Poland are some of the cheapest places to head to. 

However, for spontaneous types, Italy and Spain are said to be the best options for a last-minute bargain.

85% of Facebook video is watched without sound

With over 8bn views on its platform each day, Facebook is becoming increasingly focused on video.

However, new stats have revealed that around 85% of video views on-site occur without sound.

Thanks to publishers posting striking visual messages and text-heavy videos, more users are viewing content without feeling the need to turn up the volume.

60% of British retailers have no plans in place for Brexit

Ahead of June’s referendum, research has found that three in five retail decision-makers have made no plans should a Brexit go ahead.

The results from a survey of 250 people shows that small to medium-sized retailers are the most prepared – and also the group most in favour of leaving the EU. 

Interestingly, 54% of retailers with 100-249 employees said they plan to vote to leave, compared with just 24% of people from retailers with more than 500 employees.

41% of influencers have no idea what the CAP code is

Set by the Committee of Advertising Practice, the CAP code regulates how brands promote products with signposting for paid-for content.

However, a new study has revealed that 41% of influencers have no idea what it is.

Likewise, less than a quarter use the necessary signposts such as #sp #spon and #ad.

With brands failing to insist that influencers use the hashtags, tighter regulation looks set to be implemented in future.

Woman laughing becomes most-watched video on Facebook Live

A video of a woman laughing hysterically while wearing a Star Wars mask has become the most-viewed video on Facebook Live to date.

Despite most views coming after the initial live stream, the now-viral video has been seen by a whopping 48m people.

It’s the little things, guys.

Consumers show demand for biometrics over traditional passwords

In a survey of 4,000 consumers, Gigya has found that 26% of people have had an online account compromised during the past twelve months.

As a result, 52% would prefer a modern authentication method rather than a regular username and password.

The need for increasingly complex passwords were also found to be off-putting, with 68% of people abandoning the creation of an account due to this request.

Marketing budgets shift towards visual content

A recent study Lewis has found that marketing budgets are increasingly favouring visual content, with graphic designs and video being the most popular.

In a survey of 422 senior marketers, 75% noted increased budgets, and 66% forecasted a shift to visual content in future.

With higher levels of engagement and support for social channels being cited as the main reasons behind the shift – we can expect lots more video designed to ‘evoke emotions’.