Greetings, weary internauts! 

How’s it going? Had a hard week of, you know, marketing and stuff? Yeah, tell me about it. I wrote a whole blog post and went to an event, so I’m pretty beat myself.

Unfortunately regular round-up wrangler Christopher Ratcliff has taken the day off to go to New York Comicon, so it looks like it’s up to me to guide you through everything utterly amazing we saw online this week.

Oh, hang on, that actually sounds like brilliant fun – let’s go! 


The diminutive voice of fantasy-metal may be gone, but his wisdom lives on. Even if his wisdom mainly consists of shouting things about ‘evil eyes’ or spending $100,000+ on two fake dragons (admit, if you could, you would too).

Anyway, now you too can access these startling insights thanks to the Ronnie James Dio advice generator:

2046AD: 30 years after the Simon Cowell wars. 

Meet Hatsune Miku, one of Japan’s most popular synthetic singers, making her US debut on Letterman this week.

Technically speaking, she’s a ‘Vocaloid’. That’s basically a synth that’s been wired up to one of the cast of Tank Police (several of you will remember Tank Police, and will currently be pretending you don’t) and taught to siiiiing.

Just like whoever is currently on ‘The X Factor’, amirite? 

 “I’m not very likeable. I hate people, and I just want to be left alone. Oh, and can I come work for you? “

Hunter S. Thompson’s cover letters are not like other people’s cover letters.

Read the whole thing on BoingBoing, then give up your day job and head on out to bat country.

What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?

I’m assuming that most of the people reading this copy my example when choosing breakfast, and go for a balanced combination of some fag ash that’s lurking in the flat can of beer next to the bed, but, in a shocking revelation, it turns out that different people do different things around the world, and none more so than our children.

For every Snap Crackle and Pop, there’s a ‘hit it over the head with a stick first’ going on at breakfast tables worldwide, as this fascinating NYT article discovers…

Hey Ho, let’s never go to this website again. 

Although the changing URL is quite cool

Monitoring buzz metrics in a world gone mad

I spend at least… oh I don’t know, four minutes a week trying to smash our engagement targets on Twitter (It helps that we don’t actually have any).

If only I’d known about this earlier I could have saved myself a lot of effort:

If you want blood, you got it! 

Frankly, I can only see this making a mess when it comes out of your 3D printer in a few years time.

Now if we can just develop a side salad that compliments you on your figure.

Me, a name I call yo momma

Admit it, this is amazing. 

Pink helmet corner

Ben Davis sent me this link earlier in the week.

Was it because I was threatening my telephone with a hammer? Or maybe he just thought I’d look stylish.

Anyway, combat work stress with a pink helmet. Tune in next week when we combat hypertension with platform shoes

Cage corner

As you can see from this picture, Nic Cage watches over us in the Econsultancy office.

In a way he’s always been here, guiding our actions. Firing out alerts via an iBeacon we accidentally stuck to his head, so it feels only fitting that we end this week’s round-up in salute to our absent leader.

Here’s his top ten most insane performances for you. 

Right, that’s it for another week. Why not sneak out of the office early today, and treat yourself to an autumnal stroll through the park?

Me and the internet are off to wait under the bridge so we can jump out and scare you. BYE!