Whatever mood you woke up in this morning, whether jubilant, furious or crestfallen, the weekly round-up is here to make it all better.

Sure it can’t fix your broken heart, mend your flat tyre, or install your preferred government in a bloody/bloodless (delete where applicable) coup, but it can offer a brief distraction from what ails you.

Think of this as a calming nightlight, a tiny beacon that holds your attention while all the horrible monsters under your bed gather and wait in the darkness.

Stop thinking about those monsters now! Just look at the light. There, there, always looking at the light…

Wheel of Lunch

Sometimes choosing what to have for lunch is a difficult decision.

Luckily my mum makes that decision for me. She rings me up every morning and tells me that I “could probably stand to miss a meal today” so I just sit quietly at my desk and watch my work friends gather together in the kitchen to eat pizza, while I carry on writing. Sigh. 

Anyway, take the indecision out of… uh… deciding with this amazing Wheel of Lunch.

Let’s give it a spin…

Ooooh, Spin Again! That sounds fancy, I’d probably have to wear a tie though.

Blatant plug alert

I built a new website, along with friend of the blog Matt Owen. It’s called Methods Unsound and it’s basically an alternative pop culture lifestyle site for weirdos covering film, music, comics, food and drink.

Swing by and say hello! And also find out exactly what sort of hamfisted job a ‘digital marketing writer’ makes of building and running a website.

Drone Theft Auto

After you eventually cave in and buy your own personal drone, there are really only three things you can do with it. Start your own pizza and/or legal high delivery company, fly it into a wall, or recreate your own version of Grand Theft Auto.

Although maybe don’t do them in the order I suggested.

Poehler for President

If you needed any more proof that Amy Poehler is the greatest human being in the world, check out Smart Girls.

Founded by Poehler and producer Meredith Walker, Smart Girls is a community dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves and promote an alternative to the unrealistic, unhealthy images of what young people are typically fed. 

They also made this awesome video called ‘Deleted Scenes Of Women In Disaster Movies Written By Men’.

Top Gun vs. Star Wars VII

Look you put Harold Faltermeyer and Kenny Loggins behind any footage and it will immediately look more awesome. This is a no-brainer.

See, here it is again over a static shot of what appears to be the first page of a Top Gun Powerpoint presentation.

Look at that those tiny screengrabs fly.


If much like me, you are fed up with the horror of content recommendation platforms largely thanks to the ubiquity of a certain Kardashian, you need KardBlock

It’s a web blocker that promises to make anything Kardashian related on your newsfeed or website disappear.

I imagine the actual blocker is a little better than my hastily thrown together image above.

The company is working on a similar Justin Bieber blocker, but I feel time has already done their work for them.

Floyd vs. Mayweather PUNCH OUT!

A lot of people suddenly became boxing experts last Sunday after ‘the big punching’. Not me though. I was in bed. Also anybody who uses the phrase ‘the big punching’ is probably not an expert at anything.

I did however enjoying watching this Punch Out version of ‘the big knuckle-up’.

Did Mario really referee the actual ‘big fist-off’? I didn’t see it. Again I must reiterate, I was in bed.

Making sense of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Verge pieces together the narrative that links all 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far. You may think it’s all about confusing alien races, underplayed one-liners and… uh… making butt-tonnes of cash, but you’re wrong. It’s all about gem-stones, war and difficult to pronounce ancient Norse place names.

Finally learn how to pronounce Svartalfheim right here…

Gosling ate his cereal

Ryan McHenry passed away this week at the far too young age of 27. The Scottish filmmaker is fondly remembered for creating one of the most wonderful and satisfying memes ever, one that has impressively stood the test of time especially in this quick-as-a-flash digital age of ours.

Here’s a compilation of Ryan Gosling refusing to eat his cereal.

And because Ryan Gosling is a good, good man. Here’s his tribute to Ryan.

See you next week.