I’m going to write this week’s collection of madcap internet fun using only emojis.

Because what says ‘madcap internet fun’ more than emojis? Nothing. One day the entire Econsultancy blog, our downloadable reports, research and even our training will be delivered using tiny, imperceptible symbols. It’s inevitable.

And being as the Friday round-up is at the forefront of groundbreaking communication techniques, I figured this would be the ideal place to set the ball in motion.

Sorry let me rephrase that… 

We’ll need to break it in gently though, so I’ve come up with a handy guide. I call it…

The Great Econsultancy Emoji Marketing Buster

The following will be used to replace standard marketing phrases around the Econsultancy website. Do save this webpage in your bookmarks just so you can refer to it again in the future.

I’m fired aren’t I?

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 4

Remember the time when a film came out and we would just enjoy it for what it was, rather than constantly scanning the screen looking for clues as to how it fits into a larger anthology of future movies?

Also remember a time when we weren’t already bored of a film on its week of release because we’d already gotten over-excited about it 12 months prior and are now too excited about the next chapter coming next year to care?

Yeah. Those days are over.

Being as movie studios are now happy to announce movies many years in advance of their release date, here’s the next eight years worth of Marvel movies, taking us comfortably up to 2023. 

But what of Phase 5!? I’m desperate to know now?!

Don Draper staring blankly

Here’s a Tumblr predicated on the fact that at the end of almost every episode of Mad Men, Don Draper just ends up staring mournfully or pensively into the middle distance.

This is exactly how I look before I start this round-up. Except for the tie. Mine’s got Captain America on it.

Order, wonderful tasty order

De Volkskrant asked agency Lerner and Sander to make a photograph for a food themed special edition.

The result is this collection of unprocessed food cut into perfect cubes of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm. I feel like I would have to eat them all in order, slowly. And that afterwards I would develop a cripplingly obscure obsessive disorder.

Think like Jamiroquai, move like Jamiroquai, be like Jamiroquai

Maybe don’t drive like Jamiroquai though! Ha ha ha, amirite? 

I think we can all agree that the world became a better place when Jamiroquai dropped off the radar, however there’s one legacy he left to the world that’s far better then releasing the same variation of one song multiple times and those awful hats. It was the video to ‘Virtual Insanity’.

And now you can put yourself in that same awful hat in a brand new ‘Virtual Insanity’ playable game.

Avoid the furniture! Don’t be caught out by the sliding floor! Enjoy the satisfying thwack every time Jamiroquai gets hit by a sofa!

Ah, I could watch this all day.

Thom Hardy

Just to be clear, the revelation that Thom Yorke’s face is being used in a series of Iranian sex education books called Marital Sexual Problems in Men isn’t funny, nor is it particularly mature to laugh at either the subject matter or the illegal use of the Radiohead vocalist’s face in said pamphlet.

*stifles laugh for a full week*

Also note the bizarre use of John Updike too.

Plan your trip to Westeros

Following the style of Google Maps, here is MongoLife’s slightly more accessible and friendly looking map of Westeros.

You’ll probably still get speared or decapitated but at least you’ll look like a proper orienteerer while it happens.

Damn it Ron!

Stupid Ron. He ruins everything.

Stop! Stop! It’s already dead!

As the voice of Mr Burns Harry Shearer bails out of The Simpsons more than 16 years after it has past its best, let’s try and remember the good times with this huge collection of the greatest Simpson’s sign gags.

“Take the fat that moonbeams make”

Because I’m nothing but an overgrown child, and if you’ve made it this far you probably are too, here’s a collection of misheard lyrics from Disney films.

Warning: some may be offensive, although this is clearly Disney’s fault.

See you next week!