Here’s a little window into the process of how we create this weekly round-up. We’re really into transparency here after all.

Do you notice how in the headline it always says ‘we loved’, rather than ‘I loved’? Well that’s because all the items featured here have been voted for inclusion by every single member of the Econsultancy staff.

It’s a laborious process. Three days are spent by our research team sourcing material, which is then distributed to the electorate. During this time every eligible voter must submit their form (we call it a BS1138) to the respective line manager by midnight on the fourth day in order to be eligible to vote.

Then there follows a one-day voting process, with ballot papers being counted and recounted during the following 24 hours. An extra day is then set aside just in case any extra referendums or proposals are necessary to break any possible deadlocks. There are normally three or four of these.

This takes us up to around 4am Friday morning, when I am woken violently from my sleep, forced to drink five espressos by a man in a black balaclava and then made to turn the results of the whole process into this seemingly effortless, off-the-cuff article you are reading now, all before a tight 6am deadline.

So as you can see, there’s an awful lot of process that goes into the round-up, and although I have repeatedly brought up with HR the possible long-term detrimental effects the final stage may have on my nerves, I am aware of the necessity of such treatment.

If it were just up to me, I would fill this round-up with nothing but super-cute Gifs of cats yawning like humans. In fact I had a really good one for this week, but Wayne from Legal vetoed it. 

Wayne from Legal always vetoes cat Gifs. You can blame him for their constant absence.

You may also blame him for the following…

How far did Sam and Frodo actually walk?

If you wish to find out how far the heroes of Lord of the Rings walked in their epic three book long journey, you need only consult this Imgur user who has done all the hard work for you.

You can then use your own precious time by staring vacantly at a wall for three days straight or reading the ‘Thought for the Day’ while waiting for the Forbes website to load.

“Babar the Elephants will behead unknown traitors”

The Daily Dot featured an interview this week with boinky333 a YouTuber who covers TV theme songs in his own inimitable, artless and occasionally terrifying ways.

Here are some of his best…

Warning: this one is not for the easily offended:

That Darn Cat 

Relive the trauma of being woken up at 3am every single morning by your cat, by trading places with him and wreaking as much damage as you possibly can before your owner awakes in the web playable game My Garbage Cat

Baby on a Roomba

And yet Wayne from Legal is fine with this one. I just don’t understand him at all. 

Nobody loves Air Jordan as much as this guy

No fooling. You can tell from the tone of his voice. 

And his black gloves.

Yep. Not worrying at all. 

Walker Texas Ranger, anytime you like

Just install this Chrome plug-in and you can enjoy the gift of a ‘carefully selected’ scene from the ‘classic’ Chuck Norris whenever you ‘like’.

Guess which one I’m most like? The answer can be found at the bottom of the page.

Tempting fate

Here’s Peter Dinklage singing about how his Game of Thrones character Tyrion is still alive after so, so, so many other deaths. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Walt Disney: waste not, walt not

Watch how the animators of classic Disney movies would recycle the same hand-drawn cels throughout its entire history. Hey, all that sawdust to cover up the sick from children after they’ve been on Space Mountain doesn’t come cheap you know!

Goodbye Dave

Although perhaps not the household name here as he is in the US, David Letterman left a big gaping comedic hole in television schedules this week by retiring from the The Late Show after 33 years.

I first discovered Letterman while on holiday in the US as a young teenager and particularly loved his nightly Top 10 Lists which pretty much guaranteed 10 hilarious one-liners a night. 

He’s a big hero of mine, so in honour of the great man, here is the final ever Letterman Top 10 List. 


Don’t tell Wayne from Legal.

See you next week, hopefully.

*It was a trick question. I’m a composite of all three.