It’s the weekly round-up of internet weirdness that successfully undoes six days worth of otherwise insightful, useful and highly professional content.

Although that being said, this week we did get into a rap feud, I nearly got arrested in New Look and we tried to ban the term Millennials with negligible success.

Not bad for less than four days’ work. 

Enough about us though, how about you? How was your week? Uh-huh… Uh-huh…

Oh I’m sorry my phone is ringing and you can’t hear it because it’s on a very subtle vibrate and it’s very important and I have to take it. I’ll get back to you later.

In the meantime maybe you’d like to look at the following nonsense…

They’re Grrrrrrrr-ape!

Sit back, relax, grab a bowl, grab some milk or lactose-free alternative, pour yourself a 30g serving of Grape Nuts and read this heartwarming tale of plucky entrepreneurship.

Henry Widdicombe stumbled across an oversight while enjoying his morning bowl of Grape Nuts. The Twitter handle @GrapeNutsUK, as emblazoned across the box, wasn’t actually registered to anyone.

The emphasis is on the word ‘wasn’t’ as Henry immediately took it open himself to become the ‘unofficial custodian’ of the Twitter handle, selflessly building up the brand’s Twitter following and giving it to Grape Nuts whenever it wants it… or actually notices.

So far Grape Nuts hasn’t taken the bait yet, even with such sterling social media management as this…

And viral content such as this…

Currently the plan is to beat Rice Krispies’ audience of 5.300, and for Henry Widdicombe to be officially installed as Grape Nuts’ official social manager. Both of these goals are very much achievable, and if everyone who reads this can give @GrapeNutsUK a follow, then we can definitely help make this happen.

Just remember…

Mad Max: Furiosa’s Road

What do you mean you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet? Oh dear, that’s embarrassing. You really must rectify this immediately.  

One of the film’s biggest strengths is how among the mind-melting carnage and massively entertaining pyrotechnics Max himself is just along for the ride.

Fury Road is in fact mostly Furiosa’s (Charlize Theron) film, her character drives the plot, she commands most of the action and has the most at stake. It makes Fury Road all the more distinct from its action movie contemporaries and their helpless, token female characters.

This is reflected brilliantly in the Feminist Mad Max Tumblr, taking its lead from the similar Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme.

The first image featured here could teach the producers of Game of Thrones a thing or two.

“I’m not a creative, I’m a digital invention officer” 

Just imagine how insufferable the characters of Mad Men would be if they were worked for a media company in 2015. Oh wait, you don’t have to… Here’s a selection of funny/painful Gifs from Mad Men Integrated Tumblr.


Turn any part of your screen into a playable Super Mario Bros level with Screentendo. That’s right, forget ever trying to complete anything meaningful ever again. You just play Mario now.

You can download it from Github here and check out a proof of concept here…

Think of this as your reward for all your year(s) of (hard) work.

“What kind of fantastic trees have you got growing around here?”

This paper and animation remake of the Twin Peaks opening credits is a great way to trick any children or Countryfile fans that they’re about to enjoy a charming woodland adventure where cute little critters learn the value of friendship and conservation instead of a mind-bending and occasionally terrifying melodrama with loose ends that are still yet to be tied up.

I nearly ran out of breath writing that sentence.

Will this product ensure my path to Valhalla?

The War Boys from Mad Max: Fury Road have taken it upon themselves to helpfully reply to customer questions and leave their own reviews on Amazon product pages, particularly for Wilton Silver Color Mist, a food colouring spray.

I do love the internet sometimes.

The hidden artistry of the Star Wars prequels

Wait, I take it back.

The Star Wars Ring Theory (stop smirking at the back) is an online essay that proposes that George Lucas uses an ancient storytelling technique “to reach a level of sophistication that is unprecedented in cinema history”.

So for instance…

If the rhyme scheme is ABC A’B’C’. That is, Menace (A) corresponds with A New Hope (A’), Clones (B) corresponds with Empire (B’), and Sith (C) corresponds with Jedi (C’). And as mentioned elsewhere, this is clearly evidenced by comparing the final shots (or almost final, in the case of Empire) of each pair.

Here’s a diagram too…

Got that? Great.

Say… uh… shall we go to the park and throw a Frisbee around? No, that’s “not enough” for you. You want to instead “set fire to your computer and go live in the woods forever”. Fair enough.

Little Shop of Horrors

Obvious Plant has gone above and beyond his previous work featured before on the blog, and created these amazing fake signs for his local pet shop.

He is my hero.

Trace it off

Rotoscope is a technique where animators hand-draw or paint over actual film footage, creating a weird middle-ground between fantasy and reality. Like that Lord of the Rings film everybody hated from the late 70s.

Here the same technique has been applied by 49 Australian university students to the inescapable Taylor Swift’s equally inescapable ‘Shake it Off’.

Our very own Jay-Z vs. Nas

Just in case you were curious, here’s the rap feud that spilled out between our most delinquent of guest contributors Parry Malm and… no fooling… Brooklyn hip-hop artist Talib Kweli.

It starts here…

I should point out that during the course of the conversation both parties act like absolute gentleman, however you all should be deeply offended by the accusation that Econsultancy readers know nothing about rap.