Twitter’s popularity is growing and regardless of the skepticism that exists about it, marketers and businesses are taking notice.

If you’re thinking about giving microblogging on Twitter a try or are already using Twitter, here are 10 Twitter tools that you can put to work.

  • twhirl

    This Adobe AIR-based desktop Twitter client provides a nice interface and additional features not natively available in Twitter.

  • Twitterific

    This Mac OS X Twitter client, which is also available for the iPhone, is quite snazzy and at $15, a worthwhile investment for Mac Twitter lovers.

  • twitterfeed

    If you run a blog and want items in your RSS feed to be automatically posted to your Twitter account, this service is a very handy marketing tool.

  • Tweetburner

    Want to track how many people click on links you share on Twitter? Tweetburner shortens URLs and keeps track of clicks. Perfect for Twitter marketers.

  • Twitterholic

    Who’s popular on Twitter? Twitterholic will let you know.

  • Tweet Scan

    This service enables you to perform real-time searches on the twitterverse.

  • GroupTweet

    Designed to enable Twitter users to send tweets to a group, Group Tweet is a good potential solution for groups looking to collaborate via Twitter.

  • Twitter Tools

    If you run a WordPress blog, Twitter Tools offers a set of features that enable you to integrate your blog with your Twitter account.


    Following conversations on Twitter can be a real pain. Fortunately makes it easy to track these conversations.

  • twitMobile

    Since Twitter is no longer offering SMS in certain countries (including the UK), third parties have stepped in to offer SMS for Twitter. twitMobile is one of them.

Happy tweeting!